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Advanced System Optimizer Overview and Benefits

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated January 21, 2020

Advanced System Optimizer Overview and Benefits system optimizers hand with finger pressing on wrench and screwdriver symbol

Advanced System Optimizer is a tool for improving the performance of your computer. Created by Systweak, it is a reputable product that has a variety of tools and features, from registry configuration, bug fixing, hard drive space-saving, and more. All of these are aimed towards improving the computer’s overall performance.

The application is known as a computer optimizer. The demand for these products has been growing over time as more files become downloadable through the internet. The variety of files in terms of size and content, when mixed inside the computer, can cause it to slow down while it is installed and even after uninstallation. Continuously removing and installing them can also result in software data that is scattered, leading to slower performance of the machine. Advanced System Optimizer is aimed towards fixing this. 

It is also directed towards deleting the various factors of the computer which may be causing slower performance. Some of this includes corrupted applications, bugs from software, untidy registry, and even viruses. 

Price and Refund Policy

Advanced System Optimizer can be bought with another application, PhotoStudio v2.1 for a cheap price of $39.95. Both made by Systweak, it allows you to have an application for photography for a lower price. 

Advanced System Optimizer, when bought alone, is priced at $69.95. They are currently offering a discounted price that reduces this with $30. This can be availed if you purchase the product through their website. Their website claims that they are trusted by reputable brands for computers including Amazon, TrustPilot, Norton Security, Intel, Google Safe Browsing, and Google Partner. 

If you are not satisfied with their services and the application’s features, you may ask for a refund. A maximum of 60 days time allotment is given to users to be available for a refund. 


The different features of Advanced System Optimizer are focused on improving the performance of your computer. These include cleaning the system registry, updating the drivers of your computer, and others. 

The different features of Advanced System Optimizer include:

  1. Driver Updates – The drivers of your computer are responsible for configuring the different hardware components of it. It connects the hardware to the operating system. For example, it is the reason why your audio system is working. It is also the reason why you can use the video card and other hardware components of your computer. The manufacturers of this hardware continuously create drivers to enable them to have better performance and integration with your computer. Advanced System Optimizer can be used to detect all of the current hardware with outdated software on your computer. Doing this will also improve the overall quality of the hardware aside from improving the performance of the computer.
  2. Hard drive cleaning – The hard drive of the computer contains all of the files that are currently installed and placed in your computer. It has a limit that can be seen in the file manager for Windows. When the colour of the bar that represents the current file storage of the computer becomes red, it signifies that there are currently too many files stored on your computer. This results in an overall decrease in performance as there are too many files for the computer to process during startup. Aside from this, it also inhibits you from installing more files in your computer. Advanced System Optimizer can scan your hard drive to look for any files that are not considered anymore. Most of the times, these are the files that are leftovers from uninstallations such as icons, installers, and others. It also uses audit trails for better cleaning. It also uses system restore points to make sure that it can revert to the normal version of the computer before cleaning it in the case of system corruption. This is especially important as most of the time, the uninstallers of the applications themselves aren’t capable of deleting every part of the program you want to uninstall. 
  3. Additional security – The presence of viruses and malware in your computer can greatly decrease the performance of the computer. This is because these are designed to delete any significant system file, take your personal information from you, and even turn your computer into a bitcoin miner with half of its RAM taken away. This can be prevented by having a separate antivirus. With Advanced System Optimizer, it is already a feature integrated into the system. It targets all types of malicious software such as trojans, adware, viruses, and others. The application will first scan your computer. It then quarantines files that it considers dangerous and informs the user. You can then choose whether to delete it or to keep it. This prevents the application from accidentally deleting any important file of yours.
  4. Disk Optimizer – Disk fragmentations are what you need to do in case your software has already experienced many uninstallations and installations. This is because each time you add or delete a program, space is left in between the other applications. These spaces in the disk can cause slower performance as they will still be processed by the computer whenever you open it. Disk fragmentations allow you to delete these spaces. This makes the applications more compact. This improves the performance of your computer and will result in the faster opening of the machine.

Pros of using Advanced System Optimizer

The application offers a lot to its users. To see the efficiency of the application and how it does its job, we used a PC benchmarking tool which showed statistics in real-time. The processes included in the review is the start-up speed of the computer, graphics processing, data processing, word processing, and overall speed. The main comparison points are before and after the installation of an application. These include the following:

  1. User-friendly interface – The interface of advanced system optimizer is easy to navigate through and to memorize upon first use. This is because the placement of all the features is convenient and intuitive. Important tools such as disk fragmentation, Smart PC care, windows optimizers, security and privacy, and registry optimizer can easily be seen. The design is reminiscent of Windows Vista. 
  2. Efficient defragmentation tool – The defragmentation tool, as explained earlier, is responsible for clearing up all the gaps in the software left behind by the uninstallation of an application. Using this tool results in overall faster performance. Upon using it, we found a 3 per cent increase in the overall performance of the computer which, even if small in number, is quite a lot of in terms of how it will be felt by the user. 
  3. Accurate memory junk erasing tool – Erasing the junk left behind by applications can do wonders for your computer. Even though the size of these junks may just be in hundreds of kilobytes, it can turn into hundreds of megabytes if mixed. The memory junk erasing tool was able to detect only the unimportant files and did not touch any of the critical files of the computer. About 5GB of files was deleted from the storage which is a lot of space for applications which users can use. 
  4. Trustworthy registry defrag tool – Defragging the registry requires you to delve deep into this sensitive part of the software which can turn into system corruption if you are not careful. Fortunately, Advanced System Optimizer’s registry defrags tool is dependable and is capable of doing its job without any data corruption. It also has a registry backup tool that it can use in the case of a failed registry defragging. 
  5. Informative system advisor – Advanced System Optimizer has a system advisor tool. This is especially aimed towards those without much knowledge of using computers. It is a one-stop tool that tells you of the different parts of the computer which may currently have a problem that is causing a slower performance for your machine. It can be used to see outdated drivers, see the settings of your CPU, and other problems that your computer may currently have. It also tells you about all of the applications that open alongside your computer. You can then select the certain ones that will do so. This will significantly improve the speed of opening your computer as it will have fewer data to process before doing so. This is because some applications are set to open to do so without the user’s consent (usually ignored in the installation). 

Cons of using Advanced System Optimizer

The only cons with using Advanced System Optimizer is its high price. The additional program that can also be availed along with it doesn’t defend its price as the program is not related to the main application. Compared to other programs with the same functionality, Advanced System Optimizer is on the expensive side in terms of price.

Customer Support and Contact

Advanced System Optimizer can be contacted through their e-mail. For any questions about operating it, you can also view their website where a list of FAQ’s is available. About twenty questions regarding common problems can be solved there. You can also subscribe to their newsletter for any updates.