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Online faxing is the alternative to traditional faxing. Instead of dealing with the latter’s large size, frequent malfunctions, and slower process, online faxing integrates everything through the Internet. is an online faxing service and of the largest in the United States. With only the fax number or the e-mail of the recipient, you can easily send faxes using this service.

Sending a fax

Setting up your personal faxing system is easy. Once you registered to the system, you will not be required to share a phone number among the users. You can create multiple numbers that can either be local or toll-free. With the system, you can receive more than a hundred faxes each month.

Faxing is easy with Those who are used to the traditional fax will not have much of a difficulty in learning the features as sending an online fax is very similar with sending an e-mail. Aside from this, offices are ensured total security with the documents they send. Their faxes are sent straight to email. Their web interface is also SSL encrypted which reduces the risk of hackers gathering your data. All accounts are also password-protected.

Faxes are delivered either in the TIFF or PDF file format. This ensures that your file will not be tampered with by any third-parties.

User interface has an interface that is easy to use and to learn. Compared to its competitors, its interface is modern and up-to-date, with modern, minimalist demands. All features are mostly written on the homepage upon log-in.

You can send your fax messages either local or international. You can create, send, and receive faxes through your computer. This removes the need of an expensive, traditional fax machine. Note that you can still send faxes through the mentioned machines as well.

Additional charges apply to those who will send their faxes outside Canada and USA.


The following are the prices of

  • The first plan is the Plus Plan priced at $16.95 per month. This plan gives you 150 pages per month to be sent and 150 pages to be received. There is also a $10 setup fee along with this price.
  • The second plan is the Pro Plan priced at $19.95 per month. This plan gives you 200 pages per month to be sent and 200 pages to be received. There is also a $10 setup fee along with this price.

Any additional faxes are priced at 10 cents per page.

Conclusion is a recommended service especially for home businesses and those who fax less than 200 pages per month. Its features are easy to learn and comes with an interface that is user-friendly and simpler compared to its competitors.

The only cons of using it is the lack of more pages and the additional fees for faxes outside of US and Canada. Those who prefer to send and receive faxes through their phone will also be disappointed because does not have a mobile application.