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What are the features of SpiderOak One?

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated January 29, 2020

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While a lot of people do realize the importance of a data backup solution, most of them are also skeptical about signing up for a cloud backup service. Their argument is usually that they fear the company will have access to all their data and their privacy will be compromised. However, there are some really trust-worthy services out there to consider, which place a lot of importance on the aspect of security. SpiderOak One is one of them.

There are a few important aspects to consider when searching for a good online backup service:

  • How private and secure it is; these must be your top-priorities so make sure the service offers strong data encryption, two-factor authentication and other solid security features
  • How often does it backup your data? You should find a service that does daily backups automatically and also offers the option to run manual backups when you want to and schedule backups as well
  • Does it have a good uptime score? Online backup services must have a good uptime score of 99.9%
  • Cost; depending on your needs, you can find a wide price range when it comes to online backup services; the more expensive ones usually include unlimited storage, but not everyone needs that so choose something that meets your specific needs and don’t overpay
  • Does the company offer a top-notch customer support? Customer support is important regardless of the product or service you purchase; you should obviously aim for a service that offers 24/7 customer support by live chat and/or phone

SpiderOak One Overview - Is it a good backup service to consider? 

SpiderOak One is an online backup service renowned for its top-notch security and privacy.

The company offers a desktop application that works on macOS, Windows and Linux, as well as a mobile app for iOS and Android.

How much does it cost?

The first thing you should know about SpiderOak One is that it offers a free 21-day trial. In order to benefit from it, you have to download their app, install it on your device (you’ll be provided with straightforward instructions) and then create an account.

Once your free trial expires, SpiderOak One gives you 4 plans to choose from: a 150GB storage plan, a 400 GB plan, a 2 TB plan and a 5 TB plan.

The 150 GB plan is billed at $6 per month or $69 annually.

The 400 GB plan has a price of $11 per month or $115 annually.

The 2 TB plan costs $14 per month or $149 annually.

The 5 GB plan, which is SpiderOak One’s most premium plan, is priced at $29 per month or $320 annually.

All these plans allow unlimited devices.

Main features to consider

SpiderOak One’s biggest strengths are definitely security and privacy. The company claims in its privacy policy that it doesn’t have access to your data, so your files are safe and private. However, that doesn’t apply to the mobile app.

This service uses TLS/SSL encryption and also creates AES 256-bit encryption for each of your files. You can also set passwords aside from your login ones, for enhanced security.

The SpiderOak One interface is really well structured and it is easy to grasp. You’ve got 5 tabs: backup, dashboard, manage, sync and share. There are suggestions given for what you want to back up, from music, movies, pictures, documents, etc.

When it comes to actual backing up your content, SpiderOak One does it automatically and continuously, but you can also schedule backups and syncs whenever you want, from every 5 minutes and up. You can choose what content should be backed up and what to be excluded.

There is also an additional service offered by SpiderOak One when you create you account and that is Hive. Hive is basically a sharing service, such as Dropbox, OneDrive and the like.

The mobile app offered by SpiderOak One is compatible with Android 4.0 and newer and with iOS 8.0 and newer. The apps are read-only, which means you can only access your content from your smartphone, but can’t do backups from it.

SpiderOak One comes with unlimited external drive backup and deleted file retention.

Overall, SpiderOak One is a bit pricier than some of its competitors, but it is one of the most user-friendly, complex, private and secure cloud backup service you can find. For all the info and even more details about spideroak and their products please read our spideroak one review here