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What are the features included with MacKeeper?

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated January 22, 2020

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If your Mac is running slower than usual, don’t hurry to take it into service or worst, replace it for a new computer. There might be several culprits to consider and eliminate first:

  • You should update your operating system
  • You should empty the caches, as they take up a lot of storage space and they can make your Mac sluggish
  • Try to close all the apps that you’re not using and check what apps are launching at startup
  • Install an utility software and do a deep cleaning to declutter your hard drive

What is utility software?

Utility software are programs/apps that fix the bugs on your computer, they clean the drive, optimize and boost your Mac’s overall performance. There are a lot of examples of such utility apps: disk cleaners, backup apps, antivirus apps, recovery apps, network utility apps and more.

Or, instead of installing so many separate apps for every task, you can install a complex utility software that includes all these features. One of the most popular on the market is MacKeeper.

What does MacKeeper include and what is its price?

MacKeeper is a useful utility program developed in 2009 and currently owned by Kromtech. Even though it’s a safe software that can repair and boost your Mac, a lot of people are skeptical about using it and often mistake it for malware or other such threats. Kromtech is a bit to blame for that, because of MacKeeper’s aggressive advertising that is a deal breaker for many potential customers.

Nevertheless, in spite of its questionable reputation, MacKeeper can really clean your Mac, keep it secure and improve its performance. The software has over 50 million installs so far, starting with 2010.

MacKeeper is not a free program and it is subscription-based. There are 4 plans to choose from, based on the billing interval: a 1-month, a 6-month, a 12-month and a 24-month plan.

The 1-month plan is priced at $14.95 per month.

The 6-month plan is priced at $9.94 per month - $59.64 billed every 6 months

The 12-month plan is priced at $7.95 per month - $95.40 billed every year

The 24-month plan is priced at $4.95 per month - $118.80 billed every 2 years

MacKeeper requires MacOS 10.9 and higher in order to work. The software only works on Macs.

In order to purchase the MacKeeper license, you have to provide your full name, Zip/Postal code, e-mail address and card number.

You can choose to pay via PayPal or through credit card. MacKeeper accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express.

What are the features included with MacKeeper?

MacKeeper comes as a suite with several features. There are cleaning features, security features, performance and privacy features included and they are all meant to protect and optimize your Mac.

Here are the most significant features included with MacKeeper:

  • Safe cleanup that removes junk files, cleans up local mail attachments and empties the trash to free disk space
  • Duplicate finder that removes duplicate files on your Mac, also to free up space
  • Smart uninstaller, to properly remove an app, widget, extension you’re no longer using
  • Antivirus feature that blocks malware, spyware, viruses
  • Adware cleaner to remove annoying ads
  • Track my Mac feature that helps you locate your stolen Mac; the feature also takes a picture of the person who types in the wrong password on your Mac computer
  • Memory cleaner that helps you free up memory space and stop apps and processes that eat up a lot of your Mac’s memory
  • Login items, a feature that helps you reduce your startup time by controlling which apps will launch at startup
  • Update tracker that updates the apps to the latest versions

MacKeeper offers reliable, around the clock tech support. You can reach them on a 24/7 basis, via live chat, phone or email.