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Should you use MacKeeper for your Mac computer?

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated March 27, 2020

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MacKeeper is an antivirus software for Macs that has quite a shady reputation. Many people frequently mistake it for malware or for a harmful program simply because of its abundant advertising which may irritate most users. Add this to the fact that their defense systems aren’t the best when compared to other software and you might find yourself ignoring it.

Upon reviewing, however, MacKeeper seems to be filled with a lot of useful features that may make you want it.

Performance in terms of security

In terms of security, Mackeeper falls a bit short when compared to other software. During a test, MacKeeper was found to have detected only 80 percent of necessary malware samples. In comparison to other applications like Intego, Kaspersky, and Bitdefender, the others turned out with results that are near perfect in terms of finding malware. This makes them a little bit hard to trust in terms of defending your computer.

What MacKeeper takes pride on, however, is the fact that they have tons of other features that may help you secure your computer. After all, malware and viruses are only a part of what could possibly threaten your computer.

A quick example of this is allowing your Mac to have an anti-theft feature. Basically, it allows you to be able to link your Kromtech account to another computer from which you can track your Mac. Assuming that the thief will connect your Mac online, you will be able to have their location along with a snapshot of him/her. You will also be able to receive an IP address and a location from which you will be allowed to report the theft.

An additional feature is the Shredder which allows you to be able to delete files totally. It writes over 35 patterns so that your file will be totally erased. This is a useful tool especially for Macs that are used for highly-confidential information. Aside from this, you are also allowed to put a password behind encrypted files. Even with a shared Mac, you will still be able to protect your files.

Improving the performance of your Mac

Aside from protecting it, the MacKeeper is also able to clean your Mac as well. It can improve its performance by removing cached files. You can remove languages and clean data that is unnecessary. This frees up a lot of space in your Mac, causing it to be faster in general.

Customer support

The customer support for MacKeeper is reliable and available 24/7. They can be contacted through email, live chat, and telephone. Their answers are also intelligent and very helpful. This makes it very easy for users to be able to report bugs and errors. It will also help them understand parts of the application which may be too complicated.

Overall impression

MacKeeper may have a bad reputation but it doesn’t mean that their services are rock-bottom. Their security may need more improvement, but they managed to still be recommendable because of their security features. Their performance-boosting and customer support are also commendable.