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MacKeeper features - What does this software offer?

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated March 27, 2020

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Mackeeper is an application dedicated to Mac that promises both protection from malware and improvement of the performance of your computer. Its software is dedicated to improving your performance by arranging your registry, cleaning unnecessary files, and any other feature that may be needed.

Features of Mackeeper

Mackeeper considers your computer’s performance. Given that the number of applications and the number of data inside your hard disk may cause some decrease in performance, Mackeeper has a Smart Uninstaller. This feature deletes almost all trace of an application down to its registration in your registry to make sure that the performance of your computer will be faster.

You can also monitor the current usage of RAM of the different applications operating in your computer. To make sure that you will only be deleting those that are unnecessary and causes bloating in your RAM use, make sure to constantly monitor the app. After this, you can use the Memory Cleaner function for you to choose which applications need to be closed for your computer’s speed to improve.

Another cause for the slowing down of a Mac is the presence of malware such as phishing scams, ransomware, and viruses which may even threaten your security. After all, these programs can cause your credentials to be leaked. It may also be used by hackers to steal your information for their use. MacKeeper prevents this by doing regular scans of your Mac to make sure that all of the files currently installed are free of malware and will not cause any danger. Specific folders and parts of the computer can be chosen to be scanned. In case one will be detected, it will be put into quarantine. You can then choose to delete it or to keep the file.

Mackeeper can also detect suspicious malware inside your system. This software is harmful because they can detect the information that you store inside your computer. They use this to determine which advertisements will be sent to your end. While they are not entirely harmful, they can still cause your storage to bloat. Mackeeper scans this out of your system for faster overall performance.

Finally, Mackeeper is also good for cases of your Mac being stolen. In case a thief manages to get his hands on your unit, you may use the mobile application for it to be linked to your Mac. This will then generate the computer’s current location. You can also use it to take a snapshot of the user in case he is currently using it for you to be able to report it to the police.

What does Mackeeper cost ?

Mackeeper’s pricing is divided into three different plans namely Basic, Standard, and Premium Plan. The last one has support access to Apple Certified. These plans generally cost less for those pursuing yearly plans compared to those only subscribing for a single month.


Mackeeper is recommended for those looking for a Mac application capable of both securing your Mac and improving its performance.