Is DriverMax safe?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated November 10, 2021

DriverMax home screen


The drivers of the computer are files which are used by the hardware to communicate with the computer. It is made by its manufacturers and continuously updated to ensure that its bugs and glitches will be fixed. Ensuring that the drivers are up to date will help the computer remain in peak performance. 

What is DriverMax and what does it do?

DriverMax is an application that makes this process faster and easier. Once installed, users can start a scan for all the drivers in the PC. The app will notify them about those that are not updated and ask them if it will update these. The drivers it uses come directly from the hardware manufacturer’s websites. The application also installs only the most recent version of these drivers to ensure.

Most Windows versions have a built-in driver updater that can be opened through the control panel. However, users will be required to check each one of these and scan for the newest driver one-by-one. After this, they will have to wait for it to download and to install.

Is DriverMax safe?

DriverMax is safe for all computers and is recommended for all users. It is specifically designed for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Once it is installed, it will update the drivers of the PC and increase its performance speed.

DriverMax is not a virus as it does not self-replicate to your other files. It is also not a form of malware and is a completely safe application to install. Lastly, they do not scam their customers as their product is actually capable of improving the performance of the PC.

The application also has its own privacy policy and EULA which ensures that it will not share any of the private information of the user. They do not need to worry about third-party advertisers getting hold of their information. 

How do I uninstall it?

To download the application, users simply need to download it from the application’s website. From here, the application will guide the user through the installation process of choosing a language, choosing a destination folder, and the agreements. After this, the user can start scanning the PC for its drivers and update them after.

Because DriverMax is a safe application, it can easily be removed from the computer just like any other app. To remove it, users simply need to go to their File Manager, click the “Uninstall or Change an Application.” Next, users need to look for DriverMax from the list. Once they find it, they can start the uninstallation process which only takes a couple of minutes to finish.

DriverMax features and Pricing


DriverMax’s primary feature is to simplify the process of updating the driver. With just a single click, the user can update all of the drivers of the computer. They can also allow the application to regularly scan the computer to ensure that it will detect in case a driver is not in its most recent form.

Aside from this, the application can also detect all the hardware settings of the application to inform the users about its current condition. Next, it can create a backup version of all drivers currently installed in the PC so that users can still use their hardware parts in case an update fails. The restore tool will be used to gather these back-up files to revert the drivers back to their old form.  We found that when we did our Drivermax review that it was a pretty good overall program , that had features that lined up with what others offered. 


DriverMax has both a free and Pro version. The free version is only limited in terms of updating the drivers and can take slower. The Pro version, on the other hand, can update all of the drivers of the computer with just one click from the user which makes it more recommendable for downloading and using.