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Is DriverFix safe for everyone?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated September 4, 2021

Finishing updates on computer drivers


Many users will experience a drastic drop in the performance of their computer at about 3 years of usage at least. This is because it collects errors along the way mainly from the different applications that you install in it, the condition of the hardware, and the condition of the operating system. Among these, fixing the condition of the hardware may be the most expensive in case you need to purchase newer parts. However, users can instead alleviate some of the slow performance for this by simply updating the different drivers made by the manufacturers.


What are Drivers?

Drivers are the files responsible for connecting the hardware to the software. Without this, the computer will simply not be able to use the different hardware parts such as the keyboard, mouse, and more. This is mainly made by the manufacturer to ensure that the hardware will be functional. It is continuously updated to ensure that it can run newer applications and that frequent errors will be fixed. When attaching a new hardware to your PC, it already has a basic version of a driver which can then be updated later on for better performance.


What is Driverfix?

DriverFix is an application that makes the whole process of driver updating easier. It removes the need for users to go to the hardware manager, click through each of their hardware parts, and check the current version of each of their drivers. After this, they would need to consult the website of the manufacturer and see if their version is the latest. They can also use Windows driver updater but its results are not too reliable when it comes to looking for the most updated ones. With DriverFix, the whole process can be done very easily and with only a couple of clicks.

Upon installing the application, it will start scanning for the computer’s different drivers. It can then sort out the updated ones and the ones that are not in a single list. These will include important information such as the name of the driver’s manufacturer, its current version, and more. Through this, the user will be thoroughly informed about why some parts of their hardware may be having some issues.

DriverFix has two versions: one that is paid and one that is free. For the free version, users will only have access to the scanning part. Through this, they will know which parts they need to update themselves. However, doing this manually may take a lot of time because of the need to install each updater, taking 10 minutes per driver which can even be increased if you have slow internet time.

With the paid version, however, you can update these drivers with just a couple of clicks. With this, the application itself will update the drivers for you. It will download straight from the manufacturer’s website and then install it on your computer. After using the app, you can experience a much faster PC performance.

Is DriverFix safe for everyone?

Just like with any other software applications, users are naturally wary about the safety of downloading DriverFix. Any app that promises to fix performance issues of the PC should naturally be thoroughly studied as it will be given permission to your files and your PC’s important parts. Upon using DriverFix, we found it to be completely safe. It was able to pass the scan of antivirus and antimalware applications which shows that they are not dangerous for the computer. It does not take any of your private information nor does it upload it to a third party without your permission.

Next, the application is not a form of malware. It is not a virus that self-replicates in your hard drive and is hard to remove. After all, the application can easily be uninstalled just like any other app. It also does not hide itself in your storage after being uninstalled. It is not a form of malware, rootkit, or the likes. Because of this, we trust the application to be very reliable for being installed on the computer. We did not experience any drastic decrease in performance after it was installed, and rather, experienced more system stability given that our hardware parts’ drivers are updated.

DriverFix features

The best part about the application is its different features that makes updating the drivers a breeze.

First, it has very fast scans that can take only a couple of scans to finish. Within this period, it can sort out the different drivers that are no longer updated and may be currently experiencing issues.

Next, the application can download the drivers directly within the application. It does not need any more effort from the user to sort out the different drivers and install each of these themselves. It is also highly reliable for this. They currently have an online database which contains more than 18 million drivers that come from different manufacturers to ensure that any user will be able to use their application for any of their hardware. This database contains genuine files which makes the application suitable for almost any PC.

Next, the application provides you a download manager where you can see the current progress of downloading the drivers. This is important as downloading full drivers to your PC may take gigabytes of data. In case you need to do something internet-heavy first, users can simply pause the driver downloading process easily. Through here, they can also download some drivers in case they do not want to use some of these at all. Some users may do this in case they are already satisfied with the current condition of their hardware’s drivers.


DriverFix is safe for your computer. It is not a form of malware. It also respects your privacy and does its job without any troubles.