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Which is the best Antivirus program for small businesses?

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated April 14, 2020

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Every business has to have an online presence nowadays, if it wants to flourish. The entire humanity revolves around the internet and everything can be purchased and sold online.

For businesses, transitioning to online means cutting on a lot of useless costs and reaching a significantly larger number of potential customers. But in order to benefit from all the advantages of conducting your business on the internet, you have to know how to protect your online data.

Data breaches can affect anyone, but companies are at a larger risk of being hacked, because higher figures are involved. And smaller companies are also targeted by cyber criminals, especially because hackers know startups and smaller companies don’t have money to invest in a solid IT department like big corporations do.

However, there are plenty of security measures you can take to protect your business and the most important one is to use a reliable antivirus program.

What to have in mind when looking for an antivirus for your business

There are three boxes that have to be checked when choosing an antivirus: protection, usability and performance.

Make sure the antivirus you opt for does well in detecting and removing online threats. You can look at specialized tests that show you the quality of the program.

It is also important to choose an antivirus that doesn’t see a virus in all the files it scans (called false positives).

Also, speed and user-friendliness are other important aspects to consider. Opt for an antivirus that has an easy interface and doesn’t slow down your computer’s performance when it performs scans.

BullGuard - One of the best antivirus to consider for your small business

BullGuard is one of the few antivirus programs on the market that checks all the above-mentioned boxes and it is one of the best options to consider for small businesses and more.

It is a very complex protection tool, compatible with most operating systems, easy to use and affordable.

BullGuard offers protection against all kinds of threats, from malware to ransomware, phishing attacks and more.

How much does Bullguard cost?   

The price of BullGuard depends on what kind of security solution you want. You can choose between BullGuard Antivirus, BullGuard Internet Security and BullGuard Premium.

BullGuard Antivirus is priced at $33.7 per year for one PC.

The Internet Security product is priced at $67.4 per year for multi-device.

BullGuard Premium Protection is priced at $101.2 per year for multi-device.

There is also a protection app for your smartphone, called BullGuard Mobile Security that can be purchased for $22.4 per 1 year subscription. It works on up to 3 mobile devices and if you want, you can add 2 more devices for an extra $4.4.

What are the features of BullGuard? 

BullGuard is great for a lot of things as it comes with a rich set of features. However, it does have a few shortcomings and we’re going to start with those. The only drawback we could find in it is the fact that the Antivirus doesn’t work on macOS and Android, it is only compatible with Windows devices.

However, the Internet Security product and BullGuard Premium Protection are compatible with macOS and Android.

Among the most important features found in the Antivirus solution are the virus, malware and ransomware protection, the antiphishing feature, 24/7 support through live chat and mail, the vulnerability scanner, behavioral engine, safe browsing and game booster feature.

The Internet Security and Premium Protection packages add more features to the table: a firewall, parental control, cloud backup, home network scanner and identity protection, PC tune up.

BullGuard is great when it comes to detecting online threats and it is also fast. It is easy to install and use, although the first computer scan might take a while to complete, but bare with it and you won’t be disappointed.