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Bitdefender Review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated June 16, 2021

Online safety from viral infections


Security applications should never be second-best. After all, a single malware that can slip past it can spell disaster for your privacy, file integrity, and overall system performance. This can come from simple online downloads that pretends to be a safe application. With security applications, you can have a thorough check of each downloaded file, regular scans of your hard drive, and even additional features to also achieve faster computer performance. Bitdefender is an excellent choice overall because of its various features, pricing plans, and security performance.

In this article, we will fully analyze each part of the application in our BitDefender review.


The best security apps have a simple yet complete interface. Here, users can easily become familiar with the different features. It is also better if the features are arranged in the order of priority so that users can instantly address problems within their computer. This was exactly the case with Bitdefender whose interface was completely matched with users both new and used to these types of applications.

Upon opening the application, users can see the categories of dashboard, protection, privacy, and utilities. These contain the different features of the app such as quick scan, safe pay, and vulnerability scan.  Even their symbols for each feature are large enough and are easy to understand.


All security apps start with a scan of the hard drive where it will look for any suspicious files present. These scans can differ in terms of its coverage because some may not want to spend too much time doing them. With your first time using the application, it is advised to do a full system scan, though, as to ensure that your computer is free from any malware. 

Included in their types of scan are the following: 1) a quick scan for the important system files and temporary files, 2) a system scan to have full coverage of the hard disk to ensure that all files are safe, 3) a custom scan where users can only specify the part of the computer that they want to ensure is safe from viruses, and 4) a vulnerability scan that scan specify which application settings leave your computer vulnerable to malware.

The abundance of scanning features ensures a perfect balance of convenience and reliable security with the application. We were very impressed with the results of the application which was able to tell us the exact parts of the hard disk that had viruses, trojans, and rootkits. We were confident with the results it gave because it had more results compared to other applications that we used for scanning the same hard drive.

 When using an SSD hard drive for the test, the application only took less than an hour to finish scanning the files during a full scan. This can be lessened by doing a Quick Scan or a Custom Scan.

The best part about the application is that it was able to do this with barely any impact on the computer’s memory. This means that other apps that we used while Bitdefender was scanning the system did not slow down at all even with 8GB of total RAM in our test computer. This shows that the application does not hassle users whenever it is working.

Another great feature of Bitdefender is their realtime-protection. After all, it is better to defend yourself by knowing which files you access are infected and are harmful for your computer instead of only finding about it when it has already accessed your hard drive. The real time-protection instantly scans any email attachments, applications, and files that you download from online or connect to the computer via hard drive. Those with more knowledge about PCs can even choose to include scripts and archives to the scanning process or some files that the application scans to make it faster.

The application can also be used for real time-protection while browsing the internet. The application has a plug-in to your browser which can block access to websites that it deems unsafe for your computer based on researched data. In case you really want to access a website, you can include it in the whitelist to still access it.

Bonus features

In case you are still not convinced with the various security features of the application, it also provides a lot of other features targeted towards payment security, system optimization, and more. Specifically, it includes the following:

  • System Optimizer – through this feature, users can improve the speed of the computer with only a single click. It does this by removing additional files that may be cluttering the hard drive, removing temporary files that will not be used, and removing junk from the computer. After this, users can expect a faster performance from the computer

  • Safe Pay – this feature is unique to the application and is used to hide your payment credentials to any hackers who had access to your computer’s file through hacking. This even employs a virtual keyboard through which you will input the PIN or password to hide it from keyloggers. This is done through a unique web browser of Bitdefender. This also comes with a VPN which is a feature used to hide your IP address whenever you browse online (limited to 200 mbps). If users want more VPN data, they can pay for an additional fee which can extend the countries that they can choose to be displayed to third parties.

  • Password manager – the app has a password manager where you can store your credentials. This is encrypted and is sure to be safe. Users can regularly check up on this before logging in in case they forgot their credentials. The only problem we had with this was the lack of a 2-factor authentication which makes it more vulnerable.

In the end, BitDefender is one of the best apps for securing your files’ privacy and safety from malware. It also comes with a lot of features that improve performance and provide monetary and privacy security for its users.

Bitdefender is a very solid choice for a security application because it provides holistic benefits for the users. It can defend them from malware, improve system performance, provide payment and credential security, and more. All of these come in a very good system interface which users can easily get familiar with.


  • One of the best security systems
  • Comes with a payment safety system, VPN, and password manager
  • Has an easy interface
  • Improves system performance
  • Barely takes up system memory when scanning


  • ·Does not have 2-factor authentication for password manager