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Why paper shredders are a 'must have' in your office

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated March 27, 2020

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Paper shredders have really grown in popularity nowadays. Every respectable office has a shredder.

Even with all the technology boom, over 4 million tons of paper are being used every year in US alone. A lot of important, confidential data is paper based, which makes it vulnerable to different scams and to ID theft.

Document shredding is useful not only for business owners, but for their customers and employees as well.

There are three important types of shredders, which are categorized based on the type of the cut: strip cut, cross cut and micro cut. The most recommended ones for offices are the cross-cut and micro-cut shredders, because they cut the paper so thin that it is basically impossible to piece it back together. Paper shredders vary in price and can cost you from under $30 to well over $1,000, depending on their capacity and features.

Here are the most important benefits of using a paper shredder:

It makes sure that confidential information stays confidentialBusiness paperwork contains lots of confidential data about your business, finances, clients’ personal info and so on. If this data were to fall into the wrong hands, everybody would be at a loss. By shredding documents you make sure that information is completely gone and can’t be stolen or retrieved. Simply throwing the paper away or sending it for recycling isn’t 100% safe.

A paper shredder secures all kinds of documents, magnetic tapes, credit cards, CDs and DVDs, loyalty cards that are expired and more. Paper shredders significantly reduce the risk of identity theft.

It helps you get rid of waste paper faster. Shredded paper occupies significantly less space. You can discard it easier, because it will be the size of confetti.

It helps you get rid of your trash instantly. Paper shredders are very effective because they allow you to instantly get rid of your trash. No more mountains of crumpled papers on your desk or in your trash bin.

Paper shredders help the environment.  Paper shredding is environmentally friendly, because in the end, shredder paper ends up being recycled. This means smaller needs for new paper, thus, less trees that will be destroyed.

It is cost effective. Paper shredders come in different types and price ranges, but you can always find affordable ones, even for under $50. On the long run, this kind of investment will help you save a lot of money that you would otherwise have to spend on hiring third parties to help you dispose of your documents. You don’t even have to buy the paper shredder yourself, you can hire a third party to come to your location and shred the paper for you. It all depends on your budget and preference.

Document shredding helps you stay compliant with state and federal regulations. There are cases in which shredding documents with personal information keeps a company compliant with federal regulations.

It will lend credibility among your clients. Knowing how you deal with their personal and confidential information will offer peace of mind to your customers, which will only be good for your reputation and business. You will become more trustworthy.