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What is Sage Accounting?

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated January 21, 2020

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Sage Accounting is an application dedicated towards enterprises (ERP) especially for accounting and finance uses. The company that developed it was founded back in 1981 in England. Sage's main highlight is its easy accessibility and its integration to the cloud technology.

Cloud technology

Sage is especially catered towards businesses that want to have less data printed on papers and prefer having them stored in an online database. There can be a variety of reasons why, such as security, accessibility, and ease of use for users.

How does it work?

Cloud technology is best known as being used by Apple devices. Instead of having to use storage from hardware (with most iPhones having insufficient storage), users can instead store their information to an online server. This server is termed as a cloud server where those with access can store and get their data as long as they have internet connection.

Instead of having to manually contact employees and do all of the accounting on paper, Sage incorporates the task the computer where there are a lot of benefits. Some of these include:

  1. Easy accessibility for all parties – Since the information is now stored online, anyone with access to the server of the business can view all data of the business. This may include financial reports, trends, graphs, and the likes. As long as someone is connected to the internet, they can view all of this data.
  2. Simple and minimalist interface – Since most of Sage’s technology is stored online, one of the focus is having an interface that can easily be read and understood by its users. Sage created an interface that is easily learned by users and easily navigated through. For example, upon opening the application, you can easily see the unpaid dues, invoices, trends placed on graphs, overdue numbers, and other information. It also has a menu that shows all important parts which a user may want to access.
  3. Easy syncing to the bank – Because the main goal of connecting to the cloud technology is for users to have faster data flow, you can also easily sync your bank to the business. This makes it easier for cash to flow without the need to constantly store your information whenever a transaction is due. This is especially handy for one-man operated businesses and small ones.
  4. More security for your data – Sage acknowledges the fact that cloud data can be hacked, especially those with weak security. Given the fragile information stored within the servers of businesses, it is especially crucial to have stronger security protocols which Sage promises upon its users.
  5. Easier financial data viewing – The application stores all of information in the application in tables and graphs that are easily read and understood. For example, trends in the market are shown in a table graph upon opening the application to let its users have a good idea of the current financial events in their business.
  6. Easy communication in the office – Given the fact that most of the parts of the application is stored online, offices can now communicate easily. Collaboration is done easier as all of its users can view a common set of data as long as they are given access by the office. For example, team leaders can easily give their suggestions to their members and the accountants of the company can also be easily contacted.
  7. Mobile application – To make it easier to access the information, Sage also has a mobile application which allows its users to view data in their mobile phones. As long as they are connected to the internet, they can use the application for various accounting and finance uses. It also has a minimalist and simple design where all important parts of the business can be seen.

Sage is accessible for almost any business as its features can be used by one-man businesses, small ones, and even corporations, thanks to its generous features. Aside from this, its price is also flexible in terms of the features which you can use and the number of those who will use the application. Overall Sage Accounting has been a well known and highly respected software program with high praise throughout the industry.