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What is Sage 50cloud?

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated January 21, 2020

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Sage 50cloud Accounting software is a service for companies, which helps them do all of their accounting and finances online. It is best for businesses that want to take advantage of cloud technology and desktop accounting software in a single package. It also uses mother accounting applications for maximum use.

Sage was founded back in 1981 in England as an ERP software (dedicated towards enterprises) along with other programs tailored for inventory management, customer relationship management, human resources management, and others.

Sage can be used by a variety of businesses no matter the size as it has different prices and features available depending on the need. It has built-in checks and balances that make it easier to sort your financials accurately and more conveniently.

Features of Sage 50cloud accounting

  1. Easier customer management and sales system – Through the application, you can easily track the payments of your customers, sales orders, invoices, along with any overdue payments. You can also your own logo and business specificities. You can also use it to issue monthly statements. You can also use their mobile application to manage this wherever you are.
  2. Better and more efficient selling – You can use the application to keep track of your vendors and how they manage your goods. It can also maintain all the bills and purchases for the business. You can also sync it to your bank for faster transactions instead of having to fill up your financial information every time. It can be used for bank feeds and for making payments via the mobile application. Receipts can also be instantly issued for every expense, all stored online for better keeping and organization.
  3. Faster payments – The integration to a computer-based system enables business to have less administrative work. Data entry is done easier. You can also create payments faster with just the click of a button. This can be used for paying invoices quickly because of its online integration. Saga 50cloud has good synergy with other financial applications such as Stripe and Paypal. Through these, you can transfer funds and make deposits.
  4. Better insight of your data – The data that you will store online are better analyzed. This is because you can always view your business’s performance online through a series of graphs and charts that the application supplies that can be viewed through the computer or mobile. An in-depth report of everything happen in real-time in your business is reported. Key areas of performance are highlighted using visual cues.
  5. Payroll and taxes – The service can create payroll and taxes easier to maintain. It removes the hassle of having to manually calculate employee payments and creates up-to-date payroll tax calculations for easier transaction. The application constantly updates itself to match any new legislation concerning payroll tax, penalties during year-end periods, others. It can also prepare important papers such a T4, ROE, RL-1 forms which can be printed online or filed online. It is also compliant to GST/HST.
  6. More convenience and speed on your side – The integration to cloud service allows all of the employees of the business with access to the data to easily receive information in real time. This allows more time for doing actual business work instead of having to do additional administrative tasks that may take more time. The connect apps allows work and relevant data to be accessed and updated instantly. It is also connected to Microsoft Office 365 for any account information and more. It also has various tools for more convenience such as the Sage Capture which can be used for photographing expenses and paper works for better organization and keeping. This is stored in the cloud storage. Last, customer and supplier information can Sage Contact while you make e-mails.


Sage 50cloud can be purchase either monthly or annually. It has two available plans including Pro Accounting and Premium Accounting.

The first plan, Pro Accounting, can be availed for $51.67 per month or $537 when paid annually. It includes access to Microsoft Office 365. It also covers essential features such as income management, expenses, payments, and invoices. It includes access for phone-support in North America. The website offers a discounted price of $20.67 for a monthly price and $214.80 for an annual price which lets you save up to 60%. The features included in this plan are the following as stated in their website:

  1. Income tracking and expensive management
  2. Bills payment and customer invoice
  3. Vendor and purchase management
  4. Inventory tracking and management
  5. Automated bank feeds
  6. Payments processing
  7. Access to accountant and staff data
  8. Advanced reporting
  9. Invoices and payments
  10. Technical support
  11. Data storage through cloud technology integration
  12. Microsoft Office 365 integration
  13. Expenses tracking

The second plan is the Premium Account available for $75 per month for 2 users and $133.42 per month for 4 users. It has a discounted price of $52.50 and $93.40 which lets you save up to 30%.

It can also be paid annually for $807 per year for 2 users and $1,559 for 4 users. It has a discounted price of $564.90 and $1,091.

It includes all the parts of the Pro Accounting plan along with open multiple companies features, audit trailing, job costing, and advanced budgeting feature. It also has departmental accounting and more features for inventory tracking.