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What are the features of Sage Business Cloud Accounting Service?

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated January 21, 2020

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Sage is an accounting and bookkeeping service. One highlight of the service is their use of cloud technology for all their data and information. This system is called online business accounting.

Founded in 1981 in England, Sage is suited for every business no matter the size. It can be used by small business, medium ones, and even corporates. Their features are fitted for each of their companies.

Their company promotes that they are being used by over 3 million businesses over the world, which proves customer trust. With over 35 years of experience under their hands, their service is unrivalled and tested throughout its years of existence. Aside from accounting and bookkeeping services, the company is also known for creating other ERP software (catered towards enterprises) such as those for human resource management, inventory management, and customer relationship management.

Integration of Cloud Technology

Cloud technology allows users to store their information online instead of only in their devices. Aside from allowing users to have more information, it can also make it easier for multiple people to access. This enables an office to go paperless and to have more connection with each other.

The following are the benefits of using cloud technology of accounting and bookkeeping:

  1. Easy accessibility – Users from almost anywhere with internet access can view and edit your files as long as they are included in your company’s registry. This enable multiple to view your accounting and finance information in real-time.
  2. Better communication and collaboration – Instead of having to print or e-mail information among the office, it can instead be viewed through the cloud service. This makes it easier to collaborate among the members.
  3. Better insight of data – The data that is shown in the application is shown through tables and graphs that tell users of important information such as trends and finance. This makes it more comprehensive even for those with not much expertise in accounting.
  4. Mobile application – Sage has a mobile application where you can view the data you store. This makes it more accessible for those that are not in the office. Not all accounting features area available in it though.
  5. Bank syncing – You can sync your account to a bank for more fluid transactions without the need to insert your financial information every time.

Sage Advice

Sage has an available blog for different information regarding their services. Accessible through the internet, it is named as Sage Advice. Aside from teaching you the ways of using the different features of the application, it can also be used for learning more about accounting and bookkeeping itself.

Sage Marketplace

Sage can also promote your business even more. Using the Business Cloud Accounting Marketplace, you can grow your business with the use of different apps including: Receipt Bank, Fluidly, AutoEntry, Stripe, Service M8, and Epos Now. This gives you a broader network for your business.


The pricing for Sage Business Cloud Accounting is divided into two plans that are paid monthly: Accounting Start and Accounting Plan.

The first plan Accounting Start is catered towards smaller businesses and micro-businesses. It is priced at $14 monthly. The features included in this plan is product and service selling, product tracking, cloud integration, easy invoicing, money tracking, owed money tracking, overdue balances, and bank syncing.

The second plan is the Accounting Plan which is catered towards medium-sized businesses. It is priced at $30 monthly. The features included are book balancing, payment for multiple currencies, additional security, accounting collaboration, product and service selling, cloud integration, easy invoicing, money tracking, product tracking, overdue balances, bank syncing, real-time events tracking, estimates and quote generations, cash flow statements, and invoices.

Their website offers the first plan for a reduced $4.20 and the second plan at only $9 per month. These plans allow many businesses to use their service given the flexible pricing and features.

Users can also avail for a free trial.