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What are the features of Sage Accounting?

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated January 21, 2020

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Nowadays, offices are looking to having less paper and having more integration to the internet. This is mostly attributed to the costliness of maintaining printers, buying papers, and aiming for an eco-friendly outlook.

This is possible through applications which can be accessible as long as someone is connected to the internet. For accounting and bookkeeping purposes, Sage Accounting is one of the best applications for the job.

Sage Accounting

Sage was founded back in 1981 in England as an ERP software (aimed towards enterprises). Along with it, they also make applications for customer relationship management, inventory management, and for human resource. Safe offers features to track current finance data, integration to cloud service, and others to ensure that users can have a full accounting and bookkeeping online experience.

Features of Sage

Sage offers several features to ensure that users can fully do all their accounting and bookkeeping online. These include:

  1. Integration to cloud service–Cloud services allow its users to store their data online through it servers. Instead of saving it manually in their devices and have less storage, uses can instead store it online where they can access and download it as long as they have internet storage. Sage integrates to their accounting service. This allows businesses to go fully paperless and do all of their accounting and bookkeeping-related services online.
  2. Tools for financial data—Users can view their financial data in the application represented through various charts and graphs for a better understanding. For example, important information such as overdue payments, trends, and unpaid dues can be seen through graphical representations that is easily understood. This removes the need to do so manually and allows multiple employees to view data in the company.
  3. Updated information –To ensure that the data you store in the application is always reliable, the application constantly updates itself to match legislation regarding taxes. It also allows cross-currency transactions.
  4. Easy bank syncing – Because most of the activities that you will do in the application is done online, syncing your business to a bank is crucial. This removes the need to input your financial information whenever you make transactions.
  5. Easy team collaboration – Because the employees of the company can be given access to the data of the company, they can easily discuss the data stored in it. Collaborations can also be done easier as long as each user is given access to the internet and the information stored in the cloud server.
  6. Tailored interface – Sage’s interface is tailored towards easy viewing and navigation. Included in the information that you can easily view is the scorecards, finances, key metrics, and reports. This allows better flow of information and better comprehension for those viewing the information.
  7. Flexible prices – One of Sage’s goals is to be available for the many businesses no matter the size. From one-man businesses, start-ups, smalls ones, or corporations, each one has a matching price that is tailored towards the parts of the applications which they may use.