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Is Sage Accounting a good software?

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated January 21, 2020

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Sage Accounting is a renowned service which offers online business accounting and bookkeeping software for various types of businesses. It can serve small businesses, medium ones, or even corporations. The main highlight of this service is their integration to the cloud technology which allows more accessibility and content for its users.

Sage was founded in England on 1981. They are a company known for creating applications catered towards enterprises (ERP software). Aside from accounting and bookkeeping, they also have applications that can be used for human resource, customer relationship management, inventory management, and others.

Cloud technology

The main highlight that separates Sage accounting is its cloud technology integration.

This technology allows users to store information to an online server instead of saving it manually in their computer’s hard disks. This is especially handy for those with devices that have limited storage as additional files can be stored online instead. This can then be accessed only by those with internet access and those who have security access to it.

Benefits of using Sage Accounting

There are various of benefits for using Sage accounting. These are:

  1. Cloud technology integration – As stated above, cloud technology allows its users to store information in an online server. Most businesses nowadays prefer to store their information online instead of having to print as to conserve papers and to have less cost. Aside from this, cloud technology also allows several users to view a set of information at once instead of having to print multiple copies.
  2. Easy collaboration in office – Because the data is stored online, users can use the application to easily understand each other when communicating about the accounting and finance aspects of the business. This is because multiple people can view the data at once. Team leaders can easily share their information to their team members. The accountant of the company can also share information instantly for the whole office to see.
  3. Better insight of financial data – The application uses a variety of tools for users to easily access and understand their information. Included here is the use of graphs and tables where data can be easily measured and compared. Aside from this, important information such as overdue payment, unpaid dues, and trends can easily be seen.
  4. Compliant information – The application constantly updates itself to match newer legislation regarding taxes and relevant information. Aside from this, it also has a feature which allows cross-currency transactions to occur to ease transactions of the company.
  5. Flexible for many customers – Although heavy on features, the application is still tailored towards many businesses. It can be used by small business, medium ones, and corporations. This is proven with its cloud technology and its flexible prices.

Disadvantages of using Sage accounting

  1. Security concerns – Because the information you’ll store in the application is guaranteed to be sensitive, it may take a while for some to be convinced of using it. This is especially because some cloud servers can be hacked. Sage ensures its users that it uses the best security protocols to ensure that their businesses’ information will be kept safe.