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How much does Sage Accounting cost?

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated February 18, 2020

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Sage is an accounting and bookkeeping software that integrates its service with cloud technology. It is tailored towards many businesses. Founded back in 1981 in England, the service is also known for creating other applications for businesses such as those for human resource management, customer relationship management, inventory management.

Integration to cloud technology

One highlight of using Sage Accounting is its integration to the cloud technology. This enables users to store their information online instead of saving it in their devices. This makes all the information accessible by those with an internet connection and security access to these files.

Cloud technology has a lot of benefits that it can offer to its users. This includes easier collaboration among its users, better accessibility of the information stored inside it, and better insight of the financial data stored inside.

Price of Sage Accounting

Its plans are divided into two labels: the Accounting Start and Accounting Plan which are indications of the number of features it contains. The price of a plan depends upon the features that are included. This is to ensure that smaller businesses which will most likely use less of the feature can have a price that can best match their extent of user.

The first monthly is the Accounting Start which is priced at $14. It promises instant quoting for its customers. It is recommended for sole trades and for those which has starting and micro businesses because it is the most basic plan. The features that are included in this plan are all the vital ones such as the product and service selling, cloud integration, product tracking, and easy invoicing. It also allows you to track all the money that you are owed for you to follow up to customers and know overdue balances. You can also connect to a bank for your transactions to be automatically imported.

The second annual plan is the Accounting plan which is priced at $30. It also promises instant online quoting. This one has an increase in terms of features and is especially catered towards start-up businesses and small ones. Included in the features for this plan is book balancing, additional security, accounting collaboration, and payment receiving capable of multiple currencies. You can also keep track of all that you are owed. You can also connect to a bank for easier transactions. You can also react on real-time events such as profit, loss, trial balance reports, and the likes. You can also create estimates and generates quotes for your customers. Through this plan, you can also record the invoices of your supplies and view cash flow statements.

Currently, their website is offering a big discount. It allows you to avail the first plan for only $4.20 per month which decreased as much as $10 from the original price. The second plan can also be purchased for only $9 per month, with $21 decreased from the original price.

They also offer a free trial for users to try their features before subscription.