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What is torguard and its features ?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated December 12, 2021

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The internet manages to connect people together on a scale that has never been seen before. It opens up new opportunities for people to meet other people from around the world, make a living, and even enjoy so many kinds of entertainment. The internet really is a door to a world full of possibilities.

But just like a real door, the internet also opens up both ways. As much as all the good and beneficial things that you could get from it, there are equal amounts of bad and dangerous things lurking within the internet as well. And just like you can find new friends through it, hackers can also use the internet to find and look into you.

That's why everybody needs to make sure that their connection is secure and they are properly protected from cybercrimes. And one of the best ways to do that is by using a VPN.

What is Torguard?

Torguard is a provider of Virtual Private Network, or also known as a VPN. A VPN works by creating a tunnel between you and the whole world wide web. This tunnel is highly secured and protected. As long as you browse the internet while within this tunnel, you don't have to worry about any third party looking around your personal data.

As a VPN provider, Torguard will provide you with an easy and secure means to browse the internet through their VPNs. With Torguard, you could visit restricted websites, mask your real-life location, access geo-blocked contents, and most importantly, your browsing sessions would be totally anonymous. 

Features of Torguard
  • Absolute anonymity. Torguard will protect your data and identity to make sure you have absolute anonymity whenever you browse the internet through their VPN service. And with their zero-logs policy, even Torguard themselves won't be able to peek into your browsing sessions. 
  • Absolute security. But it's not just the anonymity, Torguard will also put up an absolute security to make sure your connection is highly secure. They also have a kill-switch feature that would kill the internet connection if it detects any possible leak.
  • Absolute protection. To complete the basic and most important features that you would definitely need on a great VPN, Torguard would also give you absolute protection. With their military-grade protection, no third party could ever sneak into your connection.
  • Great accessibility. With VPN, the more servers it has and the more spread out its locations are, the better it is for its users. Torguard has more than 3000 servers that are located in 50+ countries around the world. With Torguard, you can access the internet through any of its 3000+ locations from across the world.
  • High speed. Using VPN will decrease your internet base speed. That being said, Torguard managed to still give you a faster than average speed. That means most of the time, you won't notice the difference in speed on a normal browsing session.
  • Unlimited bandwidth. Not only that, Torguard also offers its users unlimited bandwidth. Whether you are only looking for some news reports or you need to download some large files, Torguard gives you the peace of mind knowing that your internet activity won't be limited. 
  • Multiplatform. To give its user a maximum level of flexibility, Torguard's VPN client is available in a wide range of platforms. Be it computers that run Windows or Mac, or smartphones that use Android or iOS, or even routers, you can use Torguard through any of them.
  • Streaming geo-locked contents. Some streaming services, such as Netflix or Hulu, usually have some contents that are only available in selected countries. With Torguard's anonymity and great accessibility, you can easily access all of those contents.
  • P2P capability. But Torguard's capabilities are not only limited to streaming contents, you could also enjoy P2P activities, also known as torrenting, with Torguard. They also provide dedicated servers for torrenting to make sure you got the best P2P experience.
Pros of Torguard
  • Easy to use. Despite all the complex things that it does in order to mask your location and protect your identity, Torguard was designed to be super easy to use. Whether you use it on a computer or a phone, its intuitive user interface would show you exactly what you need to do just at a glance.
  • Excellent support. And if you ever come across a problem when using their services, Torguard provides some of the most extensive documentation and tutorials on their official websites. Not only that, they also have a forum section where you can ask your fellow users. If you need more, their support team is also available for you 24/7.
Cons of Torguard
  • Expensive. Torguard offers several different plans based on its users’ needs with prices ranging from $8.99 per month to a whopping $32.99 per month. Those are some of the most expensive pricing plans in the industry. Even the leading VPN companies, such as NordVPN or Cyberghost, only offer half of that monthly price for their plans.

One of the best and most fundamental things that you could use so that you can browse the internet with a peace of mind is by using a VPN. Torguard offers some of the best services in the market. It might be more expensive than its competitors, but it is also equipped with advanced features and excellent support that you won't find anywhere else. You should give Torguard a try.