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Turbo VPN Review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated May 9, 2021

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Turbo is a handy small app-based VPN provider that will enable you to enjoy a decent VPN service within the palm of your hand. It doesn't have a lot of features like the top players in the industry but it perfectly does what it is designed for. It equips your Android or iOS with basic streaming and privacy features that will enable you to access files and streaming platforms while maintaining your anonymity. 

Who makes Turbo VPN?

Turbo VPN is a china based service provider that enjoys privacy and streaming reputation among Smartphone users worldwide. It is extremely popular in countries where sites such as You Tubes are officially burned as most people use it to unblock the sites and access the services. Such countries include China and Iran.  Keep reading our review here, or read our other full review of TurboVPN here.

What are features of Turbo VPN?


29 servers in 15 countries for a Smartphone based VPN provider is not too bad. The countries that it covers include India, Singapore, Germany, Netherlands, New York (US), Canada, UK, and San Francisco (US). Besides, the company backs this with unlimited free plans on 9 servers in 8 countries. However, the free plan doesn't support Netflix and other streaming platforms. 

The best part, navigating through the Turbo VPN server is always strightford. They have a list of servers indicating what server is fastest in your location. You can easily move between servers by simply tapping on the one needed for your requirements.

Speed-How Fast is Turbo VPN?

The number of servers for a Turbo VPN provider in relation to the number of countries is fairly small. In fact, most of the countries have one server each. So you will not have extra servers to toggle and make your connection stable. Surprisingly, my test indicated that it is a faster provider on downloading and uploading files. I was really impressed with how fast it connects to every server I tried. 

Does Turbo VPN Work with Netflix and other Streaming Platforms?

Yes. Turbo VPN offers you a chance to enjoy movies, news, and other programs from streaming platforms like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Fox, and Amazon. I tested the provider on whether it can bypass the geo-restrictions and I was amazed. I could connect with servers in other regions with the Netflix catalog and break into their library. Even better, the streaming seemed very stable with an average speed. 

Security; encryption and features- is turbo safe?

To be honest, Turbo VPN doesn’t have the features you may need for data safety. To start with, it logs a lot of data and it is hard to find privacy policy in the app manual. Besides, the jurisdiction isn’t that good. China is a region of privacy concern with some strict guidelines on the internet. The country takes part in the Fourteen Eye alliance and therefore, their VPN providers are always hard to trust when it comes to data safety. 

Without a kill switch, a custom DNS, IP leak protector, this VPN provider can’t guarantee your data safe at all times. It will have to leak your IP information online or your traffic may get exposed once the connection is interrupted. However, I did not notice any online information leak during the test. Therefore should there be leaks which is very likely, it may come with time. 

Apart from lacking very many security features, this provider has good data encryption. This can be justified by the fact that it uses OpenVPN protocol in both iOS and Android. OpenVPN is banned in China and it is not clear how they operate with it. My assumption was that being a small scale service provider the authority may let it operate whichever the case, OpenVPN is a very strong encryption protocol.

Is Turbo VPN Good for Torrenting?

Due to the fact that it doesn’t support P2P plus the dilemma in its safety, torrenting with this provider is a risk. Some of your vital information may leak online thereby exposing your identity.

Pricing- Is Turbo VPN worth the cost?

To enjoy all the streaming and other services, the VIP service is the way to go. However, with the services offered, this provider seems overpriced. The price for one month costs $11.99 but can reduce to $2.99 a month if you opt for an annual package. Whichever the case, this is in the range of superior VPN vendors like Nord and ExpressVPN. 

Apart from the unlimited free plan, Turbo also offers a 7 day trial for free. But that will only be free when you are not impressed with the provider. This is when you can cancel the subscription and ask for a refund.

What are the disadvantages of using a Turbo VPN?

Don’t get switched off with the pricing and security dilemmas. Turbo VPN has all it takes to be downloaded on your smartphone. For one reason, it is one of the best ways to enjoy Netflix streamings on your Smartphone. 

Turbo VPN is also straightforward to use. It is easy to download and install and this takes barely 2 minutes. Once it is installed, it easily connects to the server of your choice in the first try or two, and then to the streaming platform.  

Take advantage of the seven days free trials to test this provider and find out if it is the ideal one for your Smartphone. Feel free to share with us your experience during the test.