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Nord VPN and they're disappearing trial license

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated October 31, 2022

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We all have been in that spot before, where we need a computer program but just aren't sure if it is the right one for our needs. VPN is no different, and with the number of VPN providers increasing at a crazy rate it is hard to keep up. Who has the best service, who has the best price, who will be around next year? It is hard to sign up for a heavily discounted rate if you aren't sure that the service will be there, so is that 3 year deal really saving you money?

This doesn't even take into consideration the impact on your internet speeds, because a low quality VPN can really slow your internet access down to a snail's speed. This is why free trials are so great, and especially for services that you interact with on a daily basis. You want to know what you're getting before you buy the product. The bad thing about all this, is that NordVPN and their trial have been discontinued. I know , this isn't a good thing but the bright side is that Nord continues to be one of, if not the, best providers in the world. So keep reading if you were thinking about trying out their service because even without a free trial they offer a great product. We will go over the main aspects of why we like their service in this article , based on our own editors' testing.

Who is NordVPN?

Nord is a VPN service provider that offers high-quality, fast, secure VPN services.  Their servers are located in different countries worldwide, so you can always find a server that suits your needs. They also offer a variety of features that make it an excellent choice for VPN users, including military-grade encryption, strict no-logs policy, and DNS leak protection.  

NordVPN is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider. They are one of the most popular VPN providers in the world, and highest rated in our reviews,  and have been in business since 2012. Their headquarters are in Panama, which has very lenient laws regarding data retention and logging. NordVPN has a strict no-logs policy, which means that it does not track or keep any records of its users' online activity. NordVPN is an affordable and reliable VPN service that offers a great selection of features and server locations. As a note , although the land where the company stands its ground is a 5/9/14 eyes alliance member, they chose not to cooperate with them for the sake of their customers’ privacy. ( This is a bonus )

Free Trial and Great Offers

Let’s face it. Everyone loves free stuff, especially if the service you want is exceptional. The downside is that NordVPN doesn't let you enjoy their VPN network with a free trial. The only way to access them is  through purchasing one of their plans (more on that later.) But don’t worry, if you aren't happy they do have a pretty good refund period. 

Here are NordVPN’s billing plans ( Right Now):

A one-month plan that costs $11.95, a 1-year plan that bills $4.92 a month, and a 2-year plan with a price tag of $3.71/month.

All payments can be made through PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Cryptocurrencies, and more.

As a side note, they do run seasonal sales so sometimes you can get a better deal. So if you can wait until Black Friday or other big sales days you can get some pretty big savings.

Benefits of Using NordVPN

For some, NordVPN is just a standard VPN service that performs just like other existing VPN services out there. But guess what? Nord serves uniquely excellent, unlike any other competitive VPN service. We present to you five reasons why.

  1. Guaranteed Security and Anonymity

NordVPN’s protection for your online activities is their top priority. Their powerful VPN is equipped with the leading-edge 256-bit AES encryption partnered with SHA2-384 and 2048-bit key that essentially prevents exposing your IP address and repels any cybercriminals trying to intercept your data. Their VPN also uses the protocol known as OpenVPN UDP/TCP that works best for Windows and Android and IPSec for iOS devices.

In case your first line of defenses fail, the Perfect Forward Secrecy is always active to wipe out your entire browsing data on your previous session, so there’s nothing left for cyber hackers.


  1. Automatic Kill Switch

NordVPN’s automatic kill switch ensures that your sensitive information will never be exposed by cutting off your internet connection when your VPN connection drops.


  1. Access to Region-Restricted Contents and China

Nord lets you enjoy foreign content from Netflix, BBC, Hulu, and much more geo-blocked content. You’ll also experience buffer-free streaming, and you may even gain speed, all thanks to Nord’s ultra-fast dedicated servers. Whether you’re China-based or simply want to explore the internet world of China, then NordVPN will work for you.


  1. Torrenting and Tor Support

NordVPN is a go-to place if you want to share files or torrent while keeping your identity protected. We found that their VPN didn't really impact our upload or download speeds to any noticeable amount, which is great. 


  1. Customer Service that Cares

When problems arise, we often go to well-experienced customer service representatives to help us in getting solutions. NordVPN has reliable customer service that genuinely cares and will help you enjoy their service to the fullest. When we tested their support we were really impressed with their quick, and high quality, customer support. 


Does NordVPN offer a 3-day trial? Short answer, no. To access their free trial, you’ll have to subscribe to one of their generous offers which isn't really a trial, it is just a purchase with a good refund policy. You’ll still have to spend a little cash to finally take advantage of their quality features. The legitimate way to experience their free trial is to buy one of their billing plans and then cancel within 30 days of your first purchase to avoid recurring charges. 

But is it worth it , if you are looking for a good quality VPN product that doesn't slow your speeds down? Yes! And if you want to find more information about Nord, or other VPN providers make sure you check our VPN product reviews for more in depth analysis of the benefits of each provider.