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New TurboVPN Review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated May 9, 2021

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If you’re looking for a relatively high-rated VPN service in the Google Play store, TurbonVPN is worth checking out. Initially, with a 4.7 out of 5-star rating, this figure is high considering that this service has been reviewed millions of times already. In this review, take a look and understand as to how TurboVPN gives you watertight digital privacy. Or does it? Plus, you can also do a performance check and see if this free VPN service can compete on the market. 

What is TurboVPN?

TurboVPN is a mobile-only, free VPN service based in China and Singapore and has been downloaded more than 50 million times to date. However, running a free VPN service can cost a lot of money to keep the service up and running smoothly. Therefore, haven’t you wondered how TurboVPN makes a revenue stream? Simple. TurboVPN shares and advertises data with key advertisers so they can provide their VPN services for free. 

TurboVPN as a Free Service VPN

TurboVPN provides free VPN services that you can use without limitations. This mobile-only service is not available for desktop devices. For those who are in places where websites are blocked, TurbonVPN can help unblock these sites so you can regain access to various online services for free. 

However, you should be aware that free VPN services are tricky in terms of privacy. But these are still useful especially for those who live in volatile political environments that usually require access to blocked apps, news, and social media services. 

Can TurboVPN Unblock Netflix?

Like most free VPN services, TurbonVPN cannot unblock Netflix and other streaming video platforms like BBC iPlayer. But if you want to pay for these services, TurboVPN’s premium service unblocks Netflix US using its VIP US servers. They also have a UK server that allows you to unblock BBC iPlayer overseas.  Although it is free when we reviewed TurboVPN we found that it was lacking this ability, which a lot of users want in a VPN provider.

TurboVPN Features
  • Free services in 9 countries; VIP plans available in 16 countries
  • Mobile apps for both iOS and Android
  • IPSec, OpenVPN, and IKEv2 Encryption
  • Free use of VPN
  • Unblocks Netflix (for the VIP plans only)
TurboVPN Privacy

TurboVPN is a Chinese VPN service duly registered in Singapore, something generally good in terms of privacy. But the privacy policy it uses allows this service to send any collected data back to its China-based servers. This is quite an issue considering the Chinese government is one of the world’s most invasive jurisdictions. Moreso, VPN companies from China are required to secure a license with the government granting them the authority to access data on VPN servers. For most Chinese citizens, this poses a serious concern. 

TurboVPN says all the usage logs from its users are deleted after every session. This means the VPN service is providing ample security for most of its user’s needs. What’s alarming though is the remainder of its privacy policy. It says that no personal data like your IP address is shared directly with advertisers. But TurboVPN admits that there may be cases where advertisers collect data about its users. It’s even possible for them to inject cookies in your browser. Meaning, advertisers can track your online activities and gain access to your IP address even when it’s no longer within the VPN server. 

TurboVPN Encryption

TurboVPN can provide OpenVPN on both iOS and Android. This sounds questionable because most of the iOS VPN apps don’t provide OpenVPN encryption. TurboVPN further asserts that they implement AES-256 encryption in their security. But the lack of customer support and .ovpn files make this claim all the more fishy. 

There is also a notable absence of helpful information regarding handshake, cipher, and authentication. Neither is it possible to check if Perfect Forward Secrecy is indeed practiced. Simply put, it’s hard to tell whether OpenVPN is indeed implemented or not. If you plan on using this service, manage your expectations, and think about what security you will get out of using their servers. Without solid proof that TurboVPN is fully encrypted, this VPN service gives you nothing more than a false sense of security. 

TurboVPN Customer Service

The website of TurboVPN has no useful information. It lacks resources, live chat support is absent, and there is no possible way that you can directly contact the creators. Their website is just more on advertising. Worse, the site claims that their customer support is readily available, when in fact it’s not. 

TurboVPN also lacks troubleshooting guides to get the VPN to work. It doesn’t even have information on how users can unblock content. Even email support is visibly lacking. But what do you expect from something free? But even if you upgrade to its paid version, TurboVPN still fails to provide customer support. 

TurboVPN User Experience

Both Android and iOS versions of the app, upon testing, worked well. Download was easy, and you aren’t required to provide your email address or any other important data. 


For Android users, you can choose between IPsec and OpenVPN encryption. You also have the option to automatically connect the moment the VPN is launched. There are 9 servers Android users can choose for TurboVPN like the USA (San Francisco or New York), the UK, India, Singapore, France, the Netherlands, and Germany.


iOS users can choose between OpenVPN or the default IKEv2 protocol. Unfortunately, you are not provided with VPN server options. Instead, you can just connect to a server that is automatically assigned to you after the VPN is launched. 

Final thoughts on Turbo VPN

Being a free VPN that still does its job at unblocking content, TurboVPN is still useful. While its ads are not primarily targeted at the user’s browsing habit, the server’s privacy policy is clear that advertisers can still insert cookies in your browser so they can obtain data and make corporate tracking at the same time.