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What makes a good Voice over Internet provider?

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated June 24, 2020

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So you’re trying to make a call to another person, but the most common hassles like 1) lack of landline telephone and 2) unavailability of the recipient are common. Such problems for both the modern-day and business settings will definitely set you back, but worry not, for the presence of Voice-Over Internet makes communication easier.

Voice-over-Internet-Protocol or otherwise called VoIP, converts voice transmissions into signals that can be carried through the internet. Imagine a telephone, but one that can access fellow telephones, cell phones, computers, and limitless other platforms with just a single gadget. Usually, VoIP is accessed through a computer, but there are other ways for doing so.

The service might seem unfamiliar, however, household brand names like Skype and Viber have long offered this along with countless other brands. It just takes good observation and skill in choosing one to discover the best. You may not even know it, but many people have already used this service without knowing its name formally.

The question lies however with: what makes a good Voice-Over Internet?

  • It should be highly convenient and accessible

VoIP services offer communication that is available on a lot of platforms. Computers, landline phones with adapters, and even cell phones can access this service. This means that from anywhere in the world, you can access anyone in almost any gadget and you can do it conveniently. You can do even do cross-platform calling, for example, calling from a computer and then with the recipient being on a landline phone.

Common examples like Skype and Viber only use wifi and a charge and you’re ready to make a call anywhere.

  • Excellent customer service

While VoIP may be highly convenient, it may also be sometimes interrupted. After all, going through your means of communication and travelling through the provider’s systems may take a toll for everybody in case of a system hiccup. Because of this, always look for a service provider that has this quality as no call is ever unimportant as to miss.

  • You should be able to use your old phone number

In case that you have finally convinced yourself to get a VoIP, you may be hesitant about losing your old number and going through the painstaking process of sharing your number with all of your important contacts.

This is when companies like Hyperoptic come through, with their capability of letting you use your old number. However, most of the VoIP services only use an account anyways, and because of this, your old number will not be that important.

When calling through international-landlines, the cost for hour-long calls and frequent ones may cause a mountain of charges, especially if high-quality will be demanded. It is usually justified, because of the landline’s capability of being available even in the lack of electricity.

But unless you’re stranded on a deserted island with no electricity whatsoever, the argument doesn’t come through! Its modern-age already, and wifi and cable internet are almost everywhere in the world. As long as you have these, most VoIPs offer their services for free, meaning that communication will be made much easier and cheaper. You can save about 90% more on international calls, a big cut from the chunk of charges from other means of this.

  • It must be business-friendly

For most businesses, conference calls are a must and VoIP takes care of this issue by being more accessible compared to landline. Most VoIPs also offer a friendly and easy-to-access interface that can make calls easier, and sometimes, even offer video-calling possibilities (available for computer and smartphones).

By using this service, calls can be a lot more efficient and reachable for many. Good VoIP providers have the capability of serving this.

  • It must have a lot of great features

Typically, a good VoIP provider has lots of features that accommodate users in the most casual of ways. Voicemails are a primarily good feature. Caller ID’s, access to multiple numbers, and an innovative approach to communication are only some of its qualities. Different providers offer different features, but most of them feature these as a basic.

Through this, one can say that truly, VoIPs are the next innovative approach to communication. Modern technology keeps on improving day-by-day, and the presence of VoIP is only a start of more to come.

If you’re thinking of getting one now, look out for all these qualities before using one!