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What is the best way to use VoIP on your computer?

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated March 27, 2020

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You can use VoIP to place voice calls in several ways. You can buy a VoIP phone to connect to your computer or download a VoIP software to your computer.

When you install VoIP software on your computer is just like having a phone without high calling rates. You will use the VoIP software program just like a phone, but it will be on your monitor. To dial someone, you can use your keyboard or your mouse.

VoIP software has lower startup and ongoing costs than traditional, fixed line telephones. It also comes with very useful and flexible features.

VoIP software can be used by business owners, freelancers or just home users.

VoIP on Windows devices

Nowadays, Windows 10 has become one of the most used versions of Windows. This Windows version come with a lot of new features.  One of them is the app store where Windows users can download and install different apps, including VoIP apps. With these VoIP apps users can make voice and video calls and share messages or images with their friends and family anytime and from anywhere.

VoIP apps you can download

There are so many VoIP apps out there that sometimes it can be confusing to know which one to use. Here are some of the best:

Voxofon is a great VoIP app and it is available on the Microsoft Store. You can use it to make free calls as long as the other person also has Voxofon installed on their device or you can use it to call someone who has a landline phone or a mobile phone, but for that operation you need to have enough credit.

Line is another app that allows users to make voice and video calls over the internet. With this app you can also update statuses, images and more.

Viber was initially developed as a mobile app but now it is also available also for Windows. You can download it for free. You can use it to send messages, video and audio.

Mobile VoIP is also a free app available on the Windows store. With this app you can make free and cheap calls to other mobile VoIP users, landline and mobile phones.

Skype was the first VoIP app that allowed free calls. Skype allows you to make free Skype to Skype audio calls, free video calls or group audio and video calls. With Skype you can also send messages, share pictures, files and documents. Skype keeps all your Skype contacts in a contact book and lets you make calls instantly.

Ekiga is another free app that allows users to send messages, have video conferences, forward calls and more.

Jitsi is a Java based software. Some of the Jitsi features are instant messaging, call hold, call recording, screen sharing and encryption for calls and chats. 

Micro SIP allows users to make calls using the SIP protocol. This software provides voice and audio calls, messaging and more.

Time Speak is mostly used by gamers.