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What Is Ringcentral VoIP?

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated March 27, 2020

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Internet is literally the means of communication nowadays. And with the advancement of the internet, the communication technology has also rapidly advanced. Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is one such technology, which has seen great growth.

So, what is Ringcentral VoIP really? It is an alternative means of communication that allows you to call people over the internet. One of the reasons why it is popular is because it is a low cost internet protocol. So, if you are a business owner, and looking to curb your business expenses, Ringcentral VoIP can be a great choice without compromising on the quality.

What Is a Business VoIP?

A business VoIP is a virtual phone, which uses internet to make calls. This way, you can call from your laptop, desktop or your smartphone, using internet, and not conventional methods. The system is hosted in the cloud, and enables mobility and flexibility, which is not found in conventional communication systems.

One of the advantages of the business VoIP is that it provides you with the best features of landline, but at affordable costs. So, you get reliability, high security, call clarity with all the facilities of a modern service – like texting, conference calls, upgrades and 24/7 customer support.

Advantages of Cloud Phones Over Conventional Communication

When you are planning to shift from conventional communication to cloud phones, you need to compare the pros and cons. Compared to the conventional telephone, Ringcentral VoIP doesn’t require any hardware.

You don’t need to pay for any monthly contracts and you get fast implementations. Any upgrades are done at no cost, and if you need help, you have 24/7 customer support. Moreover, you can also self manage the system from your own devices, and add lines or reroute them as and when you need it.

Compared to the cloud phones, a conventional communication system requires upfront costs on hardware, and premium technical supports. Additionally, if you terminate the contract prematurely, you need to pay an upfront fee. What’s more, you have to pay for any upgrades, and it takes a lot of time to have even the simplest changes made.

What is Ringcentral Office?

Now that you have an idea of what Ringcentral VoIP is, let’s have a look at what is Ringcentral Office. It is a cloud based VoIP service, which offers you with enterprise level features like texts, fax, voice calls, conferencing, online meetings and collaborations.

The whole system is set up online and is backed up by cloud, which is managed by both you and Ringcentral. You have absolute control over the communications and the features. With no complex hardware or technical installation, you can set up your business communication in just couple of hours. What’s more, you can use it around the globe, in all your satellite offices, and connect with your customers at ease.

Ringcentral Office comes with a flat monthly fee and no setup or extra costs. This makes it easier for you to manage your business related expenses and make your communication hassle free. It also makes it easier for you to access your calls from anywhere – be it your home or office.

Benefits of Ringcentral Office

The benefits of Ringcentral Office are self-explanatory. However, here is a list of the benefits for your business

  • Easy setup of your phone and communication system
  • Easily connect to your employees and satellite offices all around the globe from a centralized location
  • You can add or remove users, set up new locations, right from the control panel
  • Integrate the system with existing mobile devices or smartphones
  • Be connected with your phone system even when you are not in your office
  • Get your fax and calls redirected to your personal phone after office hours, or when you are away from office
  • Easily collaborate with your team and clients, from anywhere at anytime
  • No complex installation, hardware or managements issues
  • 24/7 customer service to help you with all your problems
  • One low cost provider for all your communication channels – text, fax, call, conference or video calls

Minimum System Requirements

If you are planning to setup Ringcentral VoIP in your computer, you should have the basic system requirements. Based on the operating system of your computer, you should have at least Windows 7 or Mac OS X installed. For Windows 7 or later OS, having a 2 GHz processor, a 1 GB RAM and 300 MB of free hard drive space is necessary. For Mac OS X or later OS, having an Intel processor, a 1 GB RAM and 300 MB of free hard drive space is compulsory.

Logging in into your Ringcentral VoIP is easy. All you need to do is input your designated number and your password on by clicking ‘Login’ in your web browser. Alternatively, you can also access your account from Ringcentral app on your phone or desktop.