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What is new for Axvoice in 2021?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated February 1, 2021

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The integration of both computer and phone communication is slowly taking the place of traditional phone systems in every business office. This new technology integrates communication from copper wires to the internet making calls to be faster and convenient. The service that allows this to happen is called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

What is Axvoice?

Axvoice is a VoIP service provider basically designed for those who love calling for hours without the worries of the bills. This digital technology is preferred because it is not only cheap but comes with a rich set of features that increases the quality and the quantity of information transmitted.  

What Features Does Axvoice Have?

If you are tired of trying to compare the different VOIP packages and features between the ever growing list of providers on the internet you are not alone. We have done all the reviews of different products and have all the features that Axvoice can provide to you right here. When we reviewed AXvoice we found that they had all the standard features and even some additional ones that no one else provided. Here is our entire list of what they can provide you with: 

Caller ID blocking: Just like a mobile phone or a landline, your axvoice phone number may be visible to the business or the person you are calling. However with this provider, you can choose not to let it be visible. Specific caller ID blocking feature allows users to block specific caller IDs that they have information on such that your phone number won't be seen on recipient caller ID. 

International call blocking: If you don’t have any transaction internationally, there is no need to respond to numerous international calls, some of which could be a scam. This feature allows you to block all calls from international numbers. A very useful feature when you don’t need an international call during business hours.  

Caller ID: This feature enables you to choose specific identity information from your account to show on the opposite party account. This helps maintain your anonymity since you can choose not to unveil confidential information.  

Alternate caller ID: Still, there is this feature that allows you to select any phone number linked to your account to show up on the receiving party caller. 

Codec: There are certain codec that capture and transmit a portion of data thereby reducing the bandwidth required. In other words, the feature zips the sequence of data to save your bandwidth. For that reason, you can choose to use them when your bandwidth is limited and the codecs mostly used for axvoice are GSM, G729, G711a, and G711u. 

However, you should be informed that selecting a codec that can best save your bandwidth usually involves some compromised audio or video quality. 

Simultaneous ringing: In a scenario where you cannot answer every call with a specific line, you can redirect it to other numbers to avoid having unanswered customers. That is to say, you can redirect calls to your PC, mobile phone, or your axphone. That means, even if different clients call at the same time, the devices ring simultaneously, allowing you to be more flexible in answering calls. 

E911: Enhanced 911 integration is available with this service. This feature enables you to report your location to the authorities instantly and in return, make it easier to be tracked by 911 during an emergency situation. It is worth noting that some of the features discussed above such as caller ID blocking don’t apply to 911 ID. 

On hold music: This feature allows the caller to customize music on hold such that whenever you put a caller on hold, you avoid awkward silence. For instance, the waiting time when you put a caller on hold while you are transferring a call to another phone number during a conference call. The music gives assurance to the caller that in just a few seconds you will start talking. This will give a good impression of your company. 

Do not disturb: In as much as calls are important parts of doing businesses, there are times when you do not need to be disturbed. Axvoice comes with a ‘don’t disturb’ feature that allows you to channel incoming calls directly to voicemail. This is also an important feature when some specific numbers are causing traffic in your line. You may redirect such numbers to voicemail so that you prioritize important calls. Or simply channeling all incoming calls directly to your voicemail during non-business hours. 

Anonymous call rejection: Depending on the type of business, sometimes it is disgusting to see strange numbers calling every time. With axvoice, you can choose to reject calls from phone numbers that are not stored in your database. 

Call log: This feature lists all the history of your calls. That is, you can view all your missed calls, incoming calls, and old calls that were placed in your account in real-time. 

Voicemail management: The feature stores your voicemails so that you can access them later. Once you access them, you can listen, delete or easily transfer the mail messages through the internet using your web portal. 

Softphone support: Axvoice can be set up to support your softphone system. A softphone system can show you when your team is online or offline, when they are busy or in a meeting. That will help you make timely calls or send messages at the right time. 

Free features and hassle-free interface: Unlike other major players that offer bundles with 3 to 4 features, axvoice offers more than 30 features plus no charge for calling other axvoice customers. In addition, the device works right out of the box and gets your service running in a few minutes. 

Customer service: Axvoice support team professionals strongly stand behind the company services and are always willing to hear from you. In addition to the FAQ on the company website, there is an extensive guide on how to go through certain processes. But even better, the company is among the few that will offer you a live chat help option on their website.

What are Axvoice pricing plans?

What makes Axvoice blow away its competitors is that you will get all the features that major players offer at a fraction of their price.

 Ii you are a residential user in the US and Canada get ready to enjoy unlimited calls at a cost of $8.25 a month. However, if you only require 200 minutes for both countries, you will have to part with $5.99 only. Still, you have an option to pay for each call if their 1.5 cents per minute rate is a better deal for you.

The business plan is charged at $24.99 per month. This plan also offers the 200 minutes option at $14.99 per month. The international calling plan will charge you by the per minute charges. However, their services are not limited to the US and Canada, you will enjoy unlimited calls in 37 countries

Each of the plans comes with a 15 days money-back guarantee. In other words, you can purchase their services and give it a try if not satisfied you can claim a refund within 15 days. 


If you have been looking for a phone system that is affordable yet provides premium features, axvoice is what you have been looking for. It comes with more than enough features all included in one small price. The price is even better when you pay one year in advance rather than monthly. With the 15 days money-back guarantee, you will have nothing to lose by giving it a try.