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What is AxVoice and should you opt for this service?

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated April 13, 2020

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Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP services are slowly taking over all businesses in the place of traditional phone systems. They are favoured because they integrate communication from copper wires to the internet which is faster and more convenient for callers.

AxVoice is one of these services that are known for countless features and good quality of calls. They are also known for their good prices and for the fact that they give a lot of features for users. 

Features of AXVoice:

  • Simultaneous ringing – if a specific line cannot answer an incoming call, it can be redirected to other numbers to avoid unanswered customers
  • Codec – You can use GSM, G.711a, G.729, or G.711u for zipping data to save bandwidth
  • International call blocking – this is a feature best for those without any transactions internationally
  • 911 integration – this is used to make it easier for you to be tracked by 911 during emergencies
  • Specific ID blocking – this allows users to block specific caller IDs
  • Caller ID – you can choose to show specific information from your side that the opposite party may see whenever contacting you
  • Do not disturb feature – you can choose to put all incoming calls directly to your voicemail during non-business hours
  • On-hold music – you can choose to use a custom
  • Anonymous call rejection – this makes any caller ID that is not registered in your database to be instantly rejected
  • Self devise – you can choose to use your own device to connect to AxVoice’s system
  • Call blocking – this allows you to block specific numbers
  • Call log – this lists all of your calls
  • Voice mail management – you can easily store your voicemail for you to access it later
  • Softphone support – AxVoice can be set up to support your softphone


A month with AxVoice costs $8.25 for residential users availing unlimited calls for both US and Canada. 5.99$ is charged for those who will only require 200 minutes for both countries. If payment for each call is better for you, you can also choose to pay-as-you-go with their 1.5 cents per minute rate.

Business plans are priced at $24.99 per month. If you prefer to pay based on minutes used, the 200-minute plan priced at $14.99 per month is for you. Their international calling plans charge users by the minute. Each of their plans entitles users with a 15-day money back guarantee which you can use if you are dissatisfied with their service. It also comes with unlimited calls in up to 37 countries.