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What is a VOIP service?

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated June 24, 2020

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Communication is way too easy nowadays, and you might have been missing out on a lot if you don’t know what VOIPs are.

VOIP or Voice-Over Internet Protocol is the new way of communicating across dozens of gadgets over the entire world. In this type of communication, a person’s voice will be converted into a digital signal that travels over to another gadget.

How convenient can using Voip be?

Since it deals with digital signals, it is technically not hampered by the receiving end of the communication. In a day-to-day basis, you can try this technology by making a call with your phone that will then contact a laptop.  This cross-platform interaction is basically what makes the technology so convenient for every user.

How can I use Voip?

Access to Voice Over Internet Protocols is very easy nowadays. You may not have noticed that you have already used one. A simple example is the voice-call and video-call function of Messenger. Through a single click of a button, users can call one another no matter of the gadget they use. They are given an option to either hide their faces or mute their voices at will, causing a one-way communication if preferred. Additional features even include lively and comic filters, colour-enhancing filters, and more. Apps like Skype and Google Hangouts also allow group-calls through this technology, with people using phones, laptops, or desktops to communicate with each other.

To use the technology, one needs to have a connection to the internet and either a laptop, a phone, a landline, or a desktop computer. You will then need to choose a provider for this service, with some paid while most of them free. The paid ones usually enable users to do international calls for a low price when compared to exclusively landline calls.

Landline phones are still in fashion with this technology as an adapter can be used to transform your gadget into one that can call other communication platforms.

Who benefits from using Voip?

Primarily, businesses are the best consumers for this technology. With all the calls and customer service needed for a business to run, costs would come up drastically if there would be no innovations with their communication. This technology enables businesses to have a more accessible and convenient communication with their customers. This also makes calls more efficient and friendly for both parties.

For individuals and casual users, the biggest benefits will be its convenience and its low or free cost. The cross-platform feature of this technology allows users to talk with others easily and from almost any gadget. The abundance of programs and applications that use this technology for free is also a good benefit.

The future of communication

With a rising need for a dependable and easy type of communication nowadays, it’s already safe to say Voice Over Internet Protocols are the future of communication. They can handle the fast-paced and consumer-driven marketplace and also make life easier for individuals from all around the world. True, VoIP is still new, but it is already favoured and will be more so in the future.