What are the most important benefits of 1-VoIP?

By: Hailey | Last updated May 15, 2019
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Voice over IP services are used in both the residential and office setting, to be able to cross-communicate between computers and other platforms like mobile phones and tablets. VoIP allows communication to be more convenient. It also comes with additional features in order to aid both customers and business.

1-VoIP is one of these services. They are especially known for their IP PBX to access Sip trunking services. Some of these include Elastic and 3CX. They are also known to have an almost perfect uptime. Dropped calls are rare and their features are all reliable and unique.

Features for their residential users

The features they include for residential areas are all functional and unique. Some of these include:

  1. Nomorobo – This is a virtual assistant that is unique for 1-VoIP. It can be tasked to stop telemarketers and robots to call your phone. This is because they can lessen hours for a business. It has an impressive record of 7,194,407 filtered calls.
  2. Whitelist - To ensure that your business will only deal with necessary numbers, you may create a whitelist which contains the only ones which can call your line. This allows businesses and residential users without any intention to have unwanted callers to reach their numbers.
  3. Blacklist – Users can also block specific numbers. This is because some of them may spam systems. An automatic notification will be sent towards their line for them to know that they are blocked.
  4. Anonymous call rejection – You can simply choose to reject any caller that does not want to give their caller ID. This is because some of them may be calling you for illegal intentions hence the need for anonymity.
  5. Blacklist Digital Call Forward – Users can ring their home phones and mobile phones. You can pick a specific voicemail in case you will be able to answer.
  6. Call Filter – You can put certain numbers that will call you to another phone number. You can also choose to send them to voicemail immediately.
  7. Caller ID – You can choose to display another virtual number to appear on the other party as your Caller ID.
  8. Fax to Email – Faxes can also be sent through the system. You will receive them as PDF. There is an additional charge for this feature, priced at $4.95 per month. Their premier plans already include it. You can also use a real fax number for sending documents.
  9. Music on hold – Customers that will call your number will hear on-hold music of your choice.
  10. Calling features – Users are allowed to have 3-way calls and call waiting. There is also a wake-up call and speed dial features.
  11. Additional features – A do not disturb is included for you to specify numbers that will be put straight to voicemail. The service also tells you which specific number was used to contact you. You may also restrict your plans to be specified in local areas as international calls may put additional charges to your phone. You may also review your call activity. Included here is your total hours of use.
  12. Accessible voicemail – There are a total of four ways for you to check your voicemail including: through your virtual number, through a remote access number, through your email, through the online member centre, and directly from your phone.

Features for the business users

  1. Calling from Extension to Extension – Each of the users for their business plan can connect with a unique 4 digit extension.
  2. Cell Phone redirects – You can receive a call on your phone from where you can use the features of 1-VoIP.
  3. Digital Call forwarding – You can redirect calls to phones with the 4 digit extension and landlines. It can also send calls to a specific number to be redirected in case it is not answered. This makes it more convenient for businesses with many departments.
  4. Extension Monitoring – You can watch your line and have a live status report for it. This allows you to see the specific numbers that are busy or available.
  5. Intercom – You can call directly intercom to an extension.
  6. Auto Attendant – This allows callers to be guided to the specific departments which they will contact. This can be customized to suit a wider range of businesses. It can also notify callers that a business is already closed instead of being not answered at all.
  7. Digital Queues – You can ring multiple extensions to ring the correct representative that you want to connect to.
  8. Connect within the line – You can announce calls to all employees to have a meeting. It automatically dials and answers on all the phones that are connected to your system.
  9. On-hold music – Users can put specific music to ring during holding times. You can also use custom announcements that are pre-recorded.
By: Hailey | Last updated May 15, 2019