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What are the features of Vonage residential plans?

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated February 14, 2021

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If you’re looking for a smart way to reduce your phone bills and get many innovative features with your VoIP provider, Vonage residential plans are a great solution from a reputable company. Vonage is offering three types of residential plans:

North America plan with a membership for 6 months and 1 year agreement; you will get unlimited calls to Puerto Rico and the US, unlimited int’l calls to landline and mobile (Canada and Mexico included).

World plan with a membership for 6 months and 1 year of the agreement for unlimited calls to Puerto Rico and the US, unlimited int’l calls to landline (60 countries included) and to a mobile (10 countries included).

US and Canada 400 is a monthly minutes allotments plan with membership for 12 months and 1 year agreement for 400 minutes/month for calls inside the US and Puerto Rico. Int’l call rates to landline and mobile can be calculated per each country on their website.

With these plans Vonage is offering many advanced features included in the membership plan:

Vonage® Extensions® is allowing you to use their service while you’re outside your home, through the application on your mobile. With their standard data rate applies, you can answer your calls by using Wi-Fi or 3G/4G. With this feature, you’ll also get a caller ID feature providing the info from the phone’s contact book.

Boomerang™ feature is included free in the residential plans. Imagine this feature as a separate and special contact book with your favorite people. When selected, they will be asked to hang up to reduce their costs. After that, they will be automatically connected with your Vonage number, and your chosen residential rates will apply.

Selective Call Block feature for full privacy. For their residential plan users, it is available to block any number you want through your online account or via Vonage® Extensions® app. You can block up to 25 numbers.

Voice Mail Plus feature is available as a voice message or as a transcribed text. If you’re not available or can’t answer your call, you can listen to your voice messages on any mobile device, or they can be sent on your email in a suitable audio format.

Call Forwarding feature can be set for mobile and landline phone numbers. If you forward a call in the country within your residential plan, it won’t be additionally charged, but if you forward a call in countries outside your plan it will be additionally charged with per-minutes rates.

Simulring® feature for up to 5 additional forwarded numbers. If you don’t want to miss an important call, you can forward the call to any landline, cellphone or smartphone number inside the US, Puerto Rico and Canada. International forwarded calls outside your residential plan will be additionally charged with the rates per minute.

Vonage is also offering add-on features:

Virtual number feature allows you to take your international calls at local call rates. This feature can be added to your residential plan with additional charges per month. The list of available countries is available on their website and includes 22 international countries. Depending on the chosen country with a virtual number, the rates can start from $4.99/month and go up to $9.99/month.

Dedicated Fax Line feature is for unlimited incoming faxes and up to 250 minutes of outgoing faxes. It can be added to your residential plan for a monthly $9.99 additional fee. This feature is best for frequent faxing.

Add a Line feature if you need to free up your existing home phone. Choose a different residential plan for every line at $14.99/3 months.