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What are the features of FreedomVoice?

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated March 27, 2020

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FreedomVoice are industry veterans with experience in telecommunications since 1996. They were one of the first toll free number services in the United States.

FreedomVoice helps small businesses by offering them smart and effective communication tools. This company is a business telecom provider that is currently helping over 200,000 small businesses grow their businesses, improving their professional image by using innovative technologies.

How does VOIP work

Compared to traditional phone systems, virtual phone systems lower your telecommunications costs significantly. Your toll-free number rings and is sent to your virtual receptionist, which gives your callers information and guides them through the virtual phone system. If your callers are calling an extension, their call will be transferred through, using call forwarding. If you are not ready to take the phone call, the caller will hear music and be on hold.

Cloud number represent a professional phone number and it is ease to manage whit than through your smart device. For checking voicemails or faxes from anywhere or even for making  calls shoving your business number as called ID you can get free mobile app.    

Main features of FreedomVoice

Here are the most important features of FreedomVoice

  • You can choose your own number – Choose your toll free 1-800 number to make yourself easily available everywhere. If you want to use your own number, you can just transfer it for free.
  • First Impression – It is very important that you make an excellent first impression on every call and FreedomVoice allows you to do just that with custom greeting.
  • Business Connection - It is very important for you to stay connected with your business, regardless of what you need to do: check out the fax, listen to voicemail messages, make a phone call, etc. Moreover, thanks to the mobile app, you can manage your phone system from anywhere, directly from your smartphone.
  • Customer support –The customer support offered by FreedomVoice is dedicated and friendly.
  • Caller ID – With this feature, your FreedomVoice phone will display both the name and the phone number of incoming calls. Also, when you call someone, your company name appears too, in addition to your phone number.
  • Call Recording – From Freedom Voice’s settings, you can select which calls to record, even if the call has already started. You can save the recordings to individual extensions or to one main inbox.
  • Voicemail Transcription – With this option you can read, search and forward your voice mail messages.

Here there are some additional features of FreedomVoice: