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What are the features included with OnSIP VoIP?

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated September 6, 2020

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Voice over IP providers allow businesses and residential owners to be able to communicate across different platforms. From computers to mobile phones and tablets, communication is made easier and more convenient for both parties. VoIP is mostly sought not only because of its functionality but also for its countless features and quality calls.

OnSIP VoIP is a service founded back in 2004, which manages to be one of the strongest competitors. Boasting a communication network with quality connectivity, innovation, and a number of loyal customers, they are one of the best on the market. Some of the names tagged to their service include Twitter and Mozilla.

Features on Onsip

OnSIP’s strength lies in its reliable features and its user-friendliness. Included here is the customizable options, voicemail to email function, third-party softphone integration, a communication client, web-hosted PBX, auto-attendant, personal attendant and an admin portal. These are especially good for call centers and big business.

Their system is also integrated with Microsoft, Zendesk, and Slack. You can also use Google Analytics to view real-time results.

Their services are available to be used through a laptop. The quality of calls for this is reliable, offering high-definition settings. The app itself was highly functional and user-friendly. It runs on most internet browsers including Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. It is available for all plans regardless of price. Through the app, you can join several teams and persons who are in different locations or even those within your office. Several basic functions like transfer, mute, and hold are easily accessible.

Setting up OnSIP is easy even if you are not specifically proficient in technical aspects. They have a help center that you can access if ever you run into trouble while setting the system. Their customer service is well-informed and responsive to any questions in relation to setup. You can also use their video tutorials to aid in setting up your account and customizing the call and preference management.

Equipment needed to use Onsip

Their equipment can be used with any SIP system. This is a contrast from other services that require you to use their own gadget which makes it easier to transition to OnSIP if you come from other services. There are specific guides for each of their equipment including Cisco, Polycom, CounterPath, Linksys, Yealink, Astra, Vtech, and Panasonic.


OnSIP has a flexible pricing structure that specifically tells you all the features included with each plan. This may depend upon the range of service, added features, and minutes for calling. All of these can be cancelled immediately upon dissatisfaction as there are no contracts required for the service.

Their service offers free internet calls. It is priced at $8.95 per user for metered users. It is priced at $24.95 for unlimited users.

Additional features like on-hold music and call recording are priced at $4.95 while an enhanced queue and dashboard is at $14.95. Those availing higher-priced packages are also provided with cheaper prices for some features like voicemail.

This system of pricing allows businesses to be more flexible in payment. Other services price their monthly charges for plans that give a lot of features, some of which may not be used at all. This allows businesses to be able to control their costs better as to suit their needs.

International calls are charged at about $0.50 per minute. This is a slight downside that is not comparable to other services which offer unlimited global calls.

They have a lot of tools in order to easily communicate within a team. You can organize meetings through video, chat, and voice. Its integration to Slack makes it easier to notify those involved. The quality of these calls is good and reliable.

Customer Service

The customer service for OnSip is exceptional. This is because their representatives are very informed about the service’s features and operations. They have a lot of information to resolve common and specific questions. Aside from this, they also have a help section and a dedicated blog that can be accessed for particular inquiries.

Final impression

OnSIP’s quality and range of features definitely make them worthy of being used by big names like Mozilla and Twitter. This is shown clearly in their range of features, their flexible pricing structure, and the mobility of their services. They are also friendly for those not proficient in technology as they have guides in both setting the system up and for common inquiries and problems. Their customer service is remarkable because of their representatives’ knowledge and willingness to extend a hand. Overall, OnSIP is a recommendable service for both big and small businesses.