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What are the benefits of Nextiva Enterprise VoIP?

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated March 27, 2020

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Voice over Internet Protocols or VoIPs are an essential part of an office, especially for the ones that regularly deal with their customers. It allows them to be able to call across different platforms, from computers to phones. It also allows users to have access to different features including online faxing, unlimited calling, and video meetings. Nextiva is one of the big names known in this industry.

Nextiva is known as one of the top VoIP systems because it covers all the basic features of the service along with unique features, good pricing, and fair plans that give a lot even for the least costly plans. The quality of calls and communication for Nextiva is known to be reliable and of high quality. Other features included are call routing, extension dialling, addition and removal of lines, a simple interface, and call forwarding. It easily suits to the needs of most businesses.

Pricing plans of Nextiva

The pricing plans for Nextiva are divided into five plans that depend upon the included features. The cost for each plan gradually reduces by the addition of more users.

Their first plan is the Office Pro. It is priced at $34.95 per month but reductions can be taken for the following conditions: a three year commitment reduces this to $32.95, having 5 to 19 users reduces this to $29.95 or $27.95, having 20 to 99 users reduces this to $24.95 or $22.95, and having more than 100 reduces this to $21.95 or $19.95. This is to encourage businesses to add more users.

The next plan is the Office Pro Plus. It is priced at an additional of $3 per user. With this plan, users are able to use a mobile app that allows you to use Nextiva’s service even when traveling. This allows traveling workers to be able to use the services even when far from office. A Call Me Now tool, recorded greeting, and a team feature are also included. Compared to the Office Pro plan, this plan doesn’t add much in comparison.

The next plan is the Office Enterprise priced at an additional $10 compared to the Office Pro Plus. The additional features for this plan include the Nextiva Anywhere, additional administration tool, tools for analytics, three recorded greetings and call recording.

All of these plans can have the voicemail-to-text feature that is priced at $2.95. This can be a helpful tool for many.

For businesses with more needs for VoIP services, Nextiva offers contact center plans that allow you to accommodate large volumes of calls.

The first plan is Contact Center Pro which is priced at $50 per month. This allows businesses to use queue and skill-based routing, unlimited queues, greetings and announcements at queues, analytics, agent support, and stranded call services.

The second one is larger and more accommodating for bigger businesses. The Contact Center Enterprise is priced at $100.95 per month. This offers configurable call handling, whisper messages, 24/7 service, supervisor controls, and analytics.

For those who will need a receptionist dashboard, a charge of $40 per month is added. $70 are charged for those who want a supervisor dashboard while $30 are for the agent dashboard.

Quality of calls and services

The customer support for Nextiva is well-informed and helpful. The only downside to this is their limited availability (from 7 AM to 8 PM EST on weekdays, 11 AM to 3 PM during Saturdays). Other services are known to have a 24/7 customer support.

Responses for live chats and emails are fast and detailed. They offer easy solutions to common problems. They are known to be relaxed and informative throughout the process too.        

The quality of the phone systems for Nextiva is commendable. They are known to have almost no outages. The calls using their service are clear and almost never-interrupted. System maintenance rarely interferes with business hours too. They also allow companies to carry over their phone numbers to their system. This makes it better to transition to their service.

Overall impressions of Nextiva VOIP

Being a known name in the VoIP industry, Nextiva doesn’t disappoint with their services. Calls using their services leave customers with a good impression thanks to the high quality and reliability. The features included with each plan are unique and useful in almost all cases. The only downside that can be seen from their service is the lack of a 24/7 customer support that may be crucial for sudden cases of system failures. They make up for this by almost always offering live customer assistance, though.