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RingCentral for Business – Is it worth signing up for this service?

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated June 24, 2020

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The use of Voice over Internet Protocol is a necessity for businesses nowadays. They allow unlimited access to calls internationally and also allow cross-platform calls (phone to computer, vice versa), along with a lot of other features. Big businesses are especially known to be selective in choosing one as most will need one capable of making quality calls, one with a good customer service, and one that is well-known.

RingCentral is a not a new name in the VoIP scene and it is for a good reason. Founded in 2003, their services are known to be business-focused. They cover a lot of tools and features for calling that makes them a standout brand. Their plans are known to be friendly for both small and big businesses.

Pricing of Ringcentral for businesses

The basic price for their office plan is $19.99 priced monthly. This supports up to 10 users who are given the Essentials plan. This limits the use of features. Only four of these will be able to gather for video and audio meetings at a time. The features included in this basic plan are unlimited phone calls, call management, administration for the phone system, 24/7 customer support, and 100 minutes for toll-free calls. Compared to other services, the features included in their basic plan are quite reasonable already.

Their standard plan is priced at $24.99 per month priced per user. Unlimited slots are given for people but the restriction with strictly four people per meeting is still implemented. The additional feature it gives is a virtual administrator for redirecting calls for customers. This can make it easier for people to be able to contact their concerns to the appropriate department. Other features are log reports and an online fax function.

The premium plan for RingCentral is priced at $34.99 priced monthly per user. This is where the product’s strength lies. The additional features included in this plan justifies its price. Included in this plan is voice-mail to text transcription, integration to software, multi-site support, allowing 100 people for each meeting, 2500 minutes for toll-free calls, and custom app development. It also integrates its services to,, and ZenDesk which can make it easier for users to communicate faster.

The ultimate plan for RingCentral is priced at $49.99. Additional features for this are 10,000 minutes for toll-free calls and increasing the allowed number of people for meetings to up to 200. This plan is only recommended for those who will need such numbers for these services.

International calling is one of the many features usually required by large businesses. RingCentral falls a bit short in terms of this as it does not allow unlimited international calling like most services offer. Puerto Rico is also considered an extra country that will require you to add more money to be able to contact. A per-minute rate for each call is implemented for international calling. This is quite an outdated model that will especially be unfriendly for small businesses that will require international calling on a regular basis.

Interface of RingCentral

The platform for users is clean and simple. The icons are easily readable and basic functions are instantly recognized by most. Common parts like call logs and account information are also easy to be seen. This makes it easier to be used in the office setting.

Quality of calls

The quality of calls for RingCentral is good. There were no interferences when calling locally. There were some hiccups in the international ones, though, but they can mostly be blamed on the other line. The quality of both the audio and the video meetings is also good. It can be a bit hard to maneuver through large ones that have more than 50 people because of various levels of sound that will need a lot of troubleshooting to fix.

Overall impressions

RingCentral proves itself to be one of the best in the VoIP market. The quality of its calls is reliable for both local and international ones. Their 24/7 customer support is also a good feature that makes it easier to voice out concerns even after business hours. The features for even their most basic plan are also reasonable. RingCentral is a recommendable VoIP service.