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PhonePower VoIP Overview – Should you sign up for this service?

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated June 12, 2021

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Internet has revolutionized communications in every possible setting, bringing tremendous improvements for both the regular consumer and businesses alike. Landlines are becoming a thing of the past, too expensive and high-maintenance to be able to compete with the new technologies. Voice-over-the-internet-protocol, in short, VoIP, has taken the world by storm, offering appealing features at a much affordable price.

VoIP allows you to make calls using the internet instead of landlines, which opens up a world of possibilities. The signal is converted from analog to digital packets of data, which means you can also send text and video over the internet, in addition to audio signals. VoIP works with or without a phone, is flexible and can be used from any location in the world, as long as you are using a VoIP service and you have internet at your disposal. It is also possible to make VoIP calls by using just your smartphone, as long as your VoIP service offers softphone support (softphone is a specialized software you have to download and install on your device, in order to be able to make VoIP calls).

PhonePower Overview – Is this service worth it?

PhonePower has been around for approximately 15 years and is a reputable name in the VoIP industry. The telecommunication company that launched this VoIP service is based in California and serves almost the entire country, operating in 48 states in the US.

PhonePower offers both hardware and VoIP services and has plans for both US/Canada residents as well as international plans.

What are PhonePower’s rate plans?

PhonePower has two main types of plans: USA/Canada and International plans.


You can choose between 3 options with the USA/Canada plans: a 1-year prepay plan (comes to a $8.33 monthly average), 1-year contract locks in $9.95 per month, no contract/no prepay option, priced at $19.95 per month.

All 3 plans include international minutes, 60 minutes per month, to be more precise. The minutes are available in over 50 countries worldwide.


You also get 3 plans with the international package as well. Your options are: Unlimited World, Unlimited World Plus, Unlimited World Premium. The difference between these 3 is the number of countries where your minutes are available.

Unlimited World – has a price of $19.95 per month and includes unlimited calling to 28 countries worldwide.

Unlimited World Plus – has a price of $24.95 per month and you get unlimited calling to 75 countries

Unlimited World Premium is the most expensive plan, priced at $49.95 per month. It includes unlimited calling to 87 countries.

All the plans (for USA/Canada and International) come with PhonePower’s 30-day money back guarantee.

You also get unlimited calling in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Best VoIP features offered by PhonePower

PhonePower has a rich set of VoIP features to offer, more than 45 in total. Here are some of them:

  • Simultaneous ring
  • Speed dial
  • 3-way conferencing call
  • Voicemail to email
  • 7, 10, 11-digit dialing
  • Enhanced 911
  • Softphone support
  • Voicemail viewer
  • Call hold
  • Call waiting
  • Call forwarding
  • Block list
  • Do not disturb
  • Anonymous call rejection
  • Web-based call logs
  • Mobile app that is compatible with iOS and Android
  • Free second line
  • Failsafe and more
  • 100% US-based customer support via phone or email

Overall PhonePower is a pretty good choice. We have done an even further review of their services in the review section. There are also other , higher ranked services that have been reviewed as well.