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Phone Power app features and benefits

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated September 7, 2020

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Phone Power is a great voip provider which also has an incredible app for your smart phones. These applications really extend the value that Phone Power provides as it ensures you always have access to your VOIP services wherever you have an internet connection.Phone Power is also available for mobile use. This allows you to be able to make and receive calls from your phone no matter where you are.

Currently, it has both an iPhone and an Android app that lets you use your current Phone Power VoIP phone service subscription that you can access as a home phone number. Here are some of the features of using it:

  1. Managing your account – With the mobile application, you also manage your Phone Power account. Here, you can see your current call logs, your list of contacts, call forwarding settings, and most of the features that you can access with a computer. This makes those that are out of the office to be capable of handling business. 
  2. Failsafe – It also has a failsafe feature that lets you forward all of your calls towards a specific number in the case of an internet or power outage. This prevents you from ever missing a call. 
  3. Find Me, Follow Me – This is a feature that routes all of your calls towards a set of multiple numbers in case you are unable to answer it. 
  4. Free international calling – You are also given 60 minutes free for international calling. You can route calls to multiple numbers located outside of USA and Canada. This lets you keep in touch with your friends and family no matter where. Any additional calls require you get a calling plan, though, which only charges for low rates. All of these benefits can be done even at home. 
  5. Calling information – The Phone Power app displays important calling information. No matter where you are, you can always see those who have been calling you. You can use the application to see your calling history where any information such as the time the calls were made, the duration of each call, and others can be seen. This is also where you can see any recorded calls. These can be played back upon clicking.
  6. Call Recording – In the case of an important call where you need to take note of all the information being said, you can also record the call. With just the press of a button, while calling, you can record a part of the whole conversation. Any important detail will not be missed. This is especially handy for those using it for business purposes. To see all of the calls that you have recorded, you will simply need to go to the “History” section and then to the “Record” section where every conversation is kept. 


All of these reasons give us the ability to rank Phone Power in the top ten of VOIP service providers for your house . Take a look at our in depth review of Phone Power to see if they are the right choice for you and your family at home.