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Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated June 24, 2020

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VoIP providers are basically a necessity nowadays in the office setting, even in those that are primarily in homes. VoIP is widely accessible and easy-to-use, with it being able to be used to contact anyone on the globe as long as your chosen service can do so. is best used for small offices that may want only the simplest features of a VoIP. It is used by over 25,000 customers in the US alone. It integrates its technology on the Android and iOS systems while being able to manage a personal and a business account on their phones.

Features of Voip service is easily set up when bought. It supplies the office with desk phones and conference model phones that come from different vendors. These are then configured in order to be able to set up a network. Users are allowed to create their own phone number that includes your local area code. You may also set up an international number.

The system is also configured to be able to be used through Windows, Android, and iOS.

The interface of is fairly easy to understand as it contains the basics like account settings, customer support, call information, and the likes. It also contains a call log for you to see a list of those you recently called. This is all laid in a modern and simple design that will make it convenient to use. also allows your voice calls to be recorded. You can also ask for a transcription that will be done by an actual human. You can also ask for automated voice transcription that will be sent to you either by SMS or by e-mail. This is convenient for those who may want to take notes of conversations and for those who may want to highlight specific parts of a conversation through the phone.

It also allows your voicemail to be turned into fax. This is done by having your voice transcribed. You can also turn e-mail into fax.  

Pricing of charges only $9.99 for its Base plan that has 100 minutes available for each month. $19.99 is for those who will need 500 minutes per month. $29.99 is charged for 1000 minutes. The good thing about this pricing is how their features are not limited for higher tier prices. This makes buying it worth it even by only availing the cheapest plan. This makes it a good buy for smaller companies.

Additionally, businesses are also charged additional fees for additional features. These include additional phones, caller analytics, call recordings, global phone number, local number, premium hold music, human transcriptions, automated transcriptions, and professional recording.

Final verdict proves itself to be one of the best VoIP services for small businesses. Its features are all standouts. Its pricing is great considering the fact the most basic plan still contains all of the features. The only difference in pricing is with the allotted minutes which makes it a good buy for those with lower budgets for VoIPs. The only downside that may be seen is the additional pricing for additional features, some of which are necessary for offices.