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Nextiva Review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated July 22, 2021

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Nextiva is a VoIP service that is based in Arizona. They are known as one of the innovators of cloud-based communication that can be seen with high-quality calling features that are used by over 150,000 according to their website. Founded in 2006, the company continues to expand because of reliable service. They are known for their use of the unique NextOS that can also be used for Android and iOS phones. This allows easy connection to cloud storage apps, office apps, and more.

Nextiva pricing

The company with multiple pricing plans to serve different business sizes.

First is the Essential Plan priced at $18.95 that can be also used for 7 days for a free trial. Next is the Professional Plan recommended for smaller team usage which is priced at $22.95. Their most popular plan is the Enterprise plan recommended for small to medium plans priced at $32.95. Their Ultimate plan is for big corporations and is priced at $57.95. These are priced for every user that will use it.

Compared to other companies, these prices are on the higher end of the scale. This can be explained later on with the countless premium features that they provide.


One of the best parts about NextivaOS is its unique platform that combines chatting, video calling, SMS, and e-mailing features all in one simple interface. It uses a simple and modern interface largely similar to existing social media applications nowadays.

With this, users can use their multiple gadgets to have access to countless communication processes. This contains multiple intelligent tools that can quickly resolve issues and streamline messages. This can also be used to smartly analyze data and make use it as reliable insight for business. The application can also be used to make various processes automatic.

This can also be used as a customer analysis tool that easily summarizes their experiences, sentiments, and data for you to customize your services better. The tool can also be designed for you to give an active experience for your customer by creating personalized messages with minimal effort. This can raise customer satisfaction and feedback.

Upon testing, the application is very recommended for all offices. With just a single tutorial, users can instantly be familiar with it because of the intuitive design of the features that most are already familiar with. Its integration of customer interaction, office communication, and data analytics also make it very worthwhile.

Transitioning to their service is also quick and easy. The company has specific instructions and processes for this that makes it easy to use your old number. As mentioned above, the overall platform for the service is also integrated with a lot of other office applications that makes it good as a tool for offices who want an easy communication tool.

Is Voip worth it?

The service has a very good VoIP tool that we definitely recommend over landline. This allows multiple communication tools that can greatly aid in handling multiple official calls, especially for call center offices.

Their features are all very reliable and worth the price. First, they offer unlimited calling hours for numbers within the USA and Canada which can help save costs immediately. Users can also create free Local and Toll-free numbers that raises the convenience for users. They also have a smart auto attendant that can guide users through the whole process. They also allow music. Companies can also play automated recorded greetings, record calls, and have toll-free minutes (limited to 2,500 minutes for Professional plan and 10,000 for Enterprise plan).

It also makes communication easier for the office. They offer unlimited hours for video conferencing which is an easy meeting platform especially during the pandemic.

A very good tool is online faxing. This allows you to instantly scan and send or receive faxes. This can be done even with traditional faxing machines as long as you have their faxing number.

The service can also be used for text messaging.

The Nextiva VoIP service can be used on multiple platforms such as desk phones, headsets, cordless phones, conference call-specific phones, and even smartphones. This allows multiple communication platforms and more convenience for users.

Upon testing, we found the service to have almost a 99.99 uptime which makes it very reliable for big companies which cannot afford to have delays. The quality of calls is also good. The service’s seamless integration with NextivaOS also makes it very convenient to use and easy to learn. Overall, the service offers a very good quality for VoIP calls.

Nextiva Summary

Upon use, when we reviewed Nextiva we found it to be a very good choice for companies who have the budget for them and the need for all their advanced tools. Coming with sales analysis tools, unlimited calling times, and a high uptime rate, it is no wonder why many corporations promote the company. However, we find its pricing to be quite high for smaller companies.


Advanced and easily integrated features

Simple interface

Easy transition to their service


Quite expensive