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Jive Review - Should you use this VoIP service?

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated September 6, 2020

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The internet had a huge impact on the way we communicate and traditional telephony is slowly but surely dying, since VoIP technology was developed. Voice Over the Internet Protocol is a newer, better communication technology, one that is based entirely on the internet.

In order to communicate through VoIP, the signal has to be converted from analog to digital data. Those packets of data can include audio signals, images, videos or text. The packets of data are first secured using high-level encryption and then sent to their destination over the internet.

VoIP services are very popular nowadays for several reasons:

  • They are more affordable because you can use them with no special hardware; your computer and a reliable internet connection are enough for you to be able to use VoIP
  • They are easy to set up and use
  • They are more versatile and more flexible, you can use them from anywhere in the world as long as you can connect to the internet
  • You’ll get rid of huge phone bills when you make long distance phone calls
  • You can also send video, images and so on with VoIP

Jive VoIP - Is it a good service?

Jive is a company based in Utah and was founded in 2006. The company offers cloud VoIP services and business phone systems. The products offered by Jive are tailored for various types of businesses, from small businesses to enterprises, public sector groups, VoIP resellers.

One of the biggest selling points of Jive is its cloud platform, Jive Core. This company was among the pioneers when it comes to using a web platform for VoIP services and they’ve kept improving the technology from year to year.

In addition to hosted VoIP, Jive also offers hosted PBX (Public Branch Exchange), which is used to control traffic incoming, outgoing calls and to route the calls within an office.

It also offers hosted video and hosted email.

There are more than 80 voice features included with this VoIP service and you can opt for month-to-month billing, with no contractual obligations or for a long-term contract. The latter comes with discounts in service and in hardware.

How much does Jive Voip cost?

The pricing of Jive is based on the number of users you have. There are 5 tiers available:

Tier 1, for 1 to 4 users, is priced at $29.95 per user per month.

Tier 2: 5 to 9 users, priced at $25.95

Tier 3: 10 to 24, priced at $23.95

Tier 4: 25 to 49, priced at $21.95

Tier 5: more than 50 users, priced at $19.95.

You can also get a customized price if you have more than 100 users and you contact the Jive team.

What features are included with Jive VoIP?

As we’ve already mentioned it, there are more than 80 features included with Jive and they all come with unlimited use.

Jive has mobile, desktop and web applications. There is a softphone app included, for both Android and iOS devices.

Jive comes with all the basic VoIP features and more:

  • call monitoring, call routing, call forwarding
  • auto-attendants
  • voicemail to email
  • desktop integration
  • toll-free numbers/local numbers
  • call analytics
  • Ring groups
  • Do not disturb
  • Virtual fax
  • Call recording
  • E911
  • Music on hold
  • Speed dial
  • 3-way conferencing and many more

Jive offers 24/7 technical support and it also sells or leases phones to all users, with prices of basic phones starting from $75. Jive’s hardware store offers a variety of basic, cordless, executive and conference phones from Cisco, Panasonic, Yealink, Polycom and Vtech, as well as equipment and accessories. Alternatively, businesses can use their existing IP telephony equipment or purchase it from somewhere else.