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Is Jive VoIP a good VoIP provider?

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated January 24, 2020

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Jive was founded in 2006. Even though it’s a young company, it’s grown a lot since its inception. This provider is specialized in selling business VoIP and it serves a variety of businesses.

Jive is renowned for its innovative technology, elegant and intuitive user experience.

Jive can be used everywhere. It is a highly rated, cloud-based business phone system, which makes your business more efficient and easier to manage. With Jive, your desk and smart phone work together and can be managed on the internet via mobile and web browsers.   

Jive VoIP’s major clients are small businesses, public sector groups, enterprises, VoIP resellers. Jive uses a cloud platform called Jive Core. It can provide impeccable VoIP services to large businesses as well, because cloud technologies remove some of the limitations of the telecom service.

The Jive platform is an Internet-based system. Jive were among the very first to use a cloud platform to provide VoIP services. Jive founders said that the success of Jive comes from its unique approach to VoIP technologies.

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Even though Jive’s main focus is Hosted VoIP, they also sell other items and services such as Hosted PBX, Broadband Service, Hosted Video, Hosted Email, Managed Firewall and Hosted VoIP Phones.

  • Hosted VoIP is a VoIP service that you can work with from any location
  • Public Branch Exchange (PBX) is used to control traffic incoming, outgoing calls and to route the calls within an office
  • The Broadband Service is mostly used to access internet
  • Hosted video improves your call by giving it a video component
  • Hosted email makes helps you easily control your office email account, add new email addresses and send emails
  • The Managed Firewall makes your network safe and secure
  • Hosted VoIP phones: Jive also sells Hosted VoIP phones

Jive also offers Jive Voice (which includes unlimited voicemail boxes, auto attendants, local and long-distance calling), Jive Video (which includes video conferencing) and the Jive Contact Center. It also provides a Jive Mobile app for talking, texting, chatting or watching videos anywhere.

Jive Voice is a cloud -based phone system which offers both long-distance and local calling. Users can control different aspects of the call and fully customize their calling schedules.

Jive Video allows users to connect with their clients and co-workers.

Jive Contact Center helps you generate real-time business reports, track agents’ productivity and track call summary.

You can download and install the Jive Mobile app for both Android and iOS smartphones, so that you can connect with your clients wherever you or they are.


Jive provides reliable VoIP solutions and services for businesses and governmental organizations. It offers a feature-rich solution to customers, for low monthly costs, while providing a leading customer service.

Thanks to the large number of satisfied clients, Jive has become one of the most successful VoIP providers on the market.

No matter where the communication system is located, Jive’s cloud-based solution helps you unify the entire communication system. Cloud phone systems make it easier to contact your customer service teams. You can turn any location into a workplace, reduce your current expenses and start taking calls.

Here are some of the best Jive Voice features: Online PBX Controls, Call Routing and Forwarding, Toll-free Numbers, Call Analytics, Cloud PBX, Dial Plan Editor, Hot Desking, Ring Groups, Unlimited Extension, Auto-Attendants, Call Queues, Conference Bridge, Do Not Disturb, Local Numbers, Softphone, Virtual Fax, Call Recording, Custom Greetings, E911, Music on Hold, Time-Based Routing, Voicemail to Email, Desktop Integration, Find Me/Follow Me.