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AXVoice VoIP features and benefits

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated December 22, 2020

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AXVoice is a well-known VoIP service offering affordable and all-inclusive plans for residential and business users, together with an international plan. It is recommended for small to medium-sized companies. Depending on the plan you choose, the features will be different, but there are many basic features that are available with every AXVoice plan.


  • Stable and fast internet connection
  • A spare Ethernet port
  • A touchtone phone

With an easy setup, the main features are divided into several sections:

Outbound calls features

  1. Caller ID Blocker is the best for those who want to keep their privacy in control. Your ID won’t be visible to anyone you want to call.
  2. Three-way calling is the most similar to the conference call. In this case it is limited to 3 persons allowing you to add or remove the new participant and still stay connected with the main caller.
  3. International call blocking is the best solution when you want to be sure that any additional costs are blocked. Many destinations outside the US and Canada will be charged extra.
  4. E911 Support in any unexpected situations when you can be in danger, the authorized person will be informed after the 911 dial-up.

Incoming calls features with Axvoice

  1. Call waiting option when you have another person on the line. You can put your current call without hanging up.
  2. Blacklist option for spam numbers if you don’t want to be disturbed.
  3. Caller ID because sometimes you want to have the ID from anonymous persons or to hide your own ID for privacy reasons.
  4. Simultaneous ring for up to three numbers.
  5. Distinctive ring is allowing you to set up different ringtones.
  6. Call filter when you want to redirect your calls to the AXVoice line.

Call forwarding features

  1. Find me Follow me option is ensuring that you don’t miss any important calls because now you can direct them to a specific number if your number is unavailable.
  2. Failover feature is for redirecting the calls to any other number when your ISP is down or not at its best performance.
  3. Call forwarding inside the US and Canada from your AXVoice line.

 Advanced call features

  1. Call logs feature for all missed, incoming and outgoing calls inside US and Canada.
  2. Free In-network calling available for all Residential and Business VoIP plans in order to cut down your costs.
  3. Softphone Support is available when you don’t have the required hardware, like touchtone. With this feature you can download a Softphone app on your mobile, tablet or laptop and use the service within your AXVoice membership plan.
  4. Enhanced Voicemail is available from any mobile device or laptop offering you to track your voicemails anywhere you are.
  5. BYOD Support offers you an easy and quick switch to AXVoice plans if you already have unlocked VoIP devices. It is a great solution for both residential and business users.

With these comprehensive features, AXVoice is one of the most popular VoIP services on the market. Their users can purchase the membership on a monthly or yearly basis and save their budget for a long time. Also, their rates for international calls are very affordable and transparent. When we did a full review of Axvoice we found that it was one of the best VOIP providers online today.