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AXVoice Review - Is it a good VoIP service?

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated April 13, 2020

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PSTN (public switched telephone network) technology is slowly but surely dying. Instead of it, a new and improved communication technology has emerged: VoIP.

VoIP (voice over the internet protocol) is a communication method that uses the internet to make and take calls. VoIP comes with a lot of advantages compared to landlines:

  • It is much more affordable; the reason for that is that with VoIP, you can call anyone in the world with just the use of the internet; landlines are expensive to maintain and we all know how costly a long-distance call can be; with VoIP you don’t need to invest in a telephone and other hardware, all you need is your computer and a connection to the internet, which you probably have anyway
  • VoIP technologies are very flexible; you can even use them with your smartphone and you can make calls through VoIP from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a reliable internet connection
  • VoIP allows you to also send text, images, video, because the signal is converted from analog to digital packets of data, prior to sending

VoIP can be used in several ways. One of them is to use softphones, which is software that you have to install on your device in order to communicate with other users. Most of us have already been using softphones for many years now, even if we didn’t know it: Skype is a good example, as are Viber, WhatsApp and other such apps.

You can also use VoIP phones, which classify in desk phones, wireless phones and more. 

AXVoice Overview - How good is it?

AXVoice is a reputable name in the VoIP industry. It has offers for both residential use and business purposes. You can also use it internationally. AXVoice covers the US and Canada.

What is the price of AXVoice?

AXVoice has residential, business and international plans to choose from.

The most affordable residential plan - $8.25/month

The most affordable business plan - $14.99/month

The most affordable international plan - $16.58/month

If you want to add a new number to your account, you’ll have to pay an additional $3.99/month.

Toll-free numbers with coverage in the entire US and Canada will cost you $3.99/month, 4.99 cents/minute for coverage in the US and $5.99/month and 4.99 cents/minute for US and Canada coverage.

You can also choose to keep your current number if you want.

What are the features included with AXVoice?

AXVoice offers the same features with all its plans. The plans only differ in the number of minutes included.

AXVoice offers over 30 features with its VoIP service, including: caller ID, 3-way calling, music on hold, 7, 10, 11-digit dialing, call filter, call waiting, do not disturb, simultaneous ring, anonymous call rejection, blacklist, distinctive ring, call logs, enhanced voicemail and more.

The residential plans offer unlimited local and international long distance calling, free hardware and activation and E911 support.

The small business plan from AXVoice includes 200 outgoing minutes across the US and Canada, the possibility to add multiple phone lines, conference calling, free hardware and activation.

All plans come with AXVoice’s 15 days money back guarantee.

AXVoice offers 24/7 live chat support and email support.

All in all, AXVoice is an affordable VoIP service and a versatile one that offers plans for residential and business use alike.

On the downside, there are some missing features with this service, such as video conferencing and no phone support.