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AXVoice product features and benefits

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated December 22, 2020

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VoIPs or Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that allows voice or video communication from two platforms. For example, desktop users can communicate easily with someone on the phone if both parties are connected to the internet. This is why it is frequently used by both residential users and business users.


AXVoice is a VoIP service provider established back in 2005 and is known for affordable international calling rates and its abundance of features. They offer services for residential and business use. They are a good option for those who wants to upgrade their communication services from traditional landline to VoIP.


One of the highlights of AXVoice is that their features are available for both residential and business users. This means that frequently business-related ones like call hold music and call transferring is available even for households.

The following are the features of AXVoice:

Outbound calling features

  • Caller ID blocking – This feature allows users to create a list of caller IDs that will be blocked from being able to call either their home or business phone.
  • Three-way calling – This allows users to call two numbers at once. They may also drop one participant without being disconnected to the other if necessary.
  • Music on hold – This feature plays music for the other caller while the user puts the call on hold. This lets them know that you are still on the line.
  • Emergency number support – This lets users automatically ask for help from authorities with their emergency number even without saying anything.
  • International Call Blocking – This lets users block calls from countries outside US and Canada as some may only be subscribed to plans allowing calls from the mentioned countries. This lets them save money.
  • Codec – Users can use low-bandwidth codecs G.711u, G.711a, G.729, and GSM as bandwidth codecs
  • Alternate caller ID – Users can use another number linked to their account to appear as their caller ID for their outbound calls
  • 7, 10, 11-digit dialing – Avoice can be used to dial numbers with the mentioned number of digits.

Inbound calling features

  • Call waiting – Users can switch between two calls without necessarily hanging up on either
  • Do not disturb – Users can temporarily redirect all calls made to their name to voicemail
  • Blacklist – This feature is used to create a list of numbers that is not allowed to call the user’s number
  • Caller ID – This lists out the information of the callers
  • Distinctive Ring – Users can choose different ringtones for incoming calls
  • Call Filter – This lets users choose specific contacts which will be redirected to their number
  • Anonymous call rejection – This is a good feature to avoid telemarketers and spammers from being able to reach the customer’s number

Call Forwarding

While some VoIP service providers make this as an exclusive for business-users, AXVoice makes call forwarding features available even for residential users.

  • Find Me Follow Me – This allows the user to transfer unanswered calls automatically to a set of other numbers which is especially useful for business with multiple departments
  • Call forwarding – This lets users redirect calls made on their number to another one as long as it is within USA and Canada
  • Failover – In case there is a power outage, any calls made on the user’s number can be redirected to another number automatically

Advanced Features of Axvoice

  • Call logs – This feature keeps track of all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls of the user
  • Enhanced voicemail – Voicemails can be kept in storage
  • Unlimited in-network calling – Users can call and receive calls from other AXVoice numbers for free

Users can also avail for virtual numbers made from any area code for $3.99 per month. They can also make toll-free numbers with coverage in US and Canada.