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Axvoice in 2021, is it a still good choice for your voip needs?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated March 3, 2021

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VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology which allows users to be able to make calls with the use of their internet connection and without the need for a telephone connection. Given that most homes and offices now have internet connectivity, this technology is very common nowadays. The fact that it allows different platforms to make calls with each other, such as a PC to a mobile phone, makes the technology popular all around the world. There are a lot of these services nowadays, offering different sets of features and pricing.

What is Axvoice?

Axvoice is a VoIP service that is catered for both offices and homes. Released back in 2005, they continue to provide high-quality service that expands its features and tools to make them available for more users. Their service has a very high uptime rate that makes them reliable for businesses which need constant communication. The service offers flexible plans which can accommodate different users in case they need unlimited minutes of calling, international calling plans, affordable rates. They also offer plans that can be paid depending on the amount of usage of the users. We did an even more in depth review of Axvoice and found it was one of the best services in the VOIP industry.

Axvoice Features

Axvoice has a lot of features that makes it easier to create both outbound and inbound calls.

For the outbound calls, the first feature is the Caller ID Blocking which allows you to hide your caller ID from the phones which you call. This can help you keep your anonymity especially if you are using a home phone. Next, users can create three-way calls. This gives you full control to the callers, allowing users to drop calls from another party without disconnecting from another. Next, businesses are especially benefited with the music on hold option which can keep callers on the line while they are on standby. Axvoice also has an E-911 support which can automatically provide your dispatcher number to the authorities for you to be able to respond to emergencies instantly. 

Next, users can block international calls. First, this can help users to block spam callers using numbers from abroad. Next, this can help in preventing you from spending money in case international calling is not included in your plan. After all, these can be expensive without a package deal. Axvoice can use different codecs in case your internet connectivity is slow or faulty including G.729, G.711a, GSM, and G.711u. Next, users can have multiple phone lines with their current plan, allowing them to link a number to their account for their outbound calls. Lastly, Axvoice allows users to have a 7, 10, or 11-digit number for more convenience.

For the inbound calls, the first feature is call waiting which allows users to entertain users and switch with answering the both of them without the need for dropping one. Next, users can set their phones on do not disturb mode as to instantly redirect all of the calls to their number straight to voicemail. Next, they can create a blacklist where numbers that are blocked can be compiled to prevent them from being able to contact you. Next, you can also enable the service to keep track of all the caller IDs from incoming callers. Next, you can set up a ringtone that is specific to your number.

Users can also filter through their contacts through the streamlined interface of Axvoice. Here, they can also keep a log of all their calls including outgoing, missed, and incoming ones. Users can also check their voicemails here. Next, they can simultaneously ring up to three numbers which is helpful if a line is sometimes unavailable. Next, you can set the service to block all calls from anonymous numbers. This can help sort out spam callers.

The service also has a find me follow me feature where users can create a list of numbers that will be called in sequence in case the first one is unavailable. Next, users can redirect calls from their lines to any numbers within the USA and Canada. It also has a failover tool which can redirect numbers to a specific one in case you are currently experiencing a power or internet outage. 

Users calling from an Axvoice number to another can have unlimited minutes free of charge. Users who also want to use a VoIP-capable device can connect it to their current service. They can also download the softphone application for their PC and mobile phone so they can receive and create calls conveniently.

Axvoice Pricing

As mentioned, Axvoice caters to both offices, small businesses, and residential users. For us, their home business plans are one of the best and are also among the most affordable. 

First, they offer the Small Business plan which gives access to their standard features. It also supplies users with 1500 minutes of free calls, with exceeding minutes charged 1.5 cents each.
Next is the Home Office (SOHO) plan which gives 200 minutes of free calls with the same rate for exceeding minutes. This also gives 200 minutes for call forwarding. 

The residential plan offers good rates for those who are planning to have both unlimited local calls and those who plan to make international calls. First, they offer the US/Canada Unlimited. They also have a US/Canada 200 plan which gives 200 minutes of calls. Lastly, they offer a Pay as you go plan which gives the same features but only charges you for the calls you make for 1.5 per minute. 

Next, they also have international calling plans. The first plan is the Residential International Plan that gives access to up to 45+ countries. Next is the Residential International Plus Plan which gives access for up to 60+ countries. 

The abundance of plans gives users more options depending on their needs.

Final thoughts on Axvoice

Axvoice is one of the most affordable VoIP services which offers multiple pricing plans to suit any user’s need, from residential users, small businesses, and large offices. Their features are suitable for both outbound and inbound calls. The quality of their service and their uptime rate is very reliable which makes them a good option for any user.  Our Axvoice review placed them near the top of the industry so it is no surprise they have so many positive things with so little drawbacks.


  • Has good features for both inbound and outbound calls
  • Has pricing plans that are flexible for home, small business, and office use
  • Can help block spam callers
  • Offers good pricing plans for USA/Canada calls and international calls


  • Does not have unlimited minutes for international calls