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Axvoice Features – What do you get with this VoIP service?

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated May 24, 2021

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Axvoice is a VoIP system that is renowned for having good pricing plans for residential users and small business owners. They were established in 2005 and are headquartered in Brooklyn. Their features are innovative and helpful for communication.


The following are the features of Axvoice:

  • Three-Way Calling– You can have calls with up to two participants simultaneously. You can also disconnect from one person without disconnecting the other. This is especially helpful for office phone conferences and family calls.
  • Caller ID Blocking– You can choose to have your caller ID private from anyone who receives your calls. This is especially helpful for those who want to separate their home and business phones.
  • Music on Hold– To let your callers know that you are still on the line, you can play Music while on hold.
  • E911 Support– You can choose to automatically inform the authorities of any emergency with your phone.
  • International Call Blocking - To avoid accidentally calling people located in countries outside your payment plan, you can choose to automatically blockinternational numbers.

  • Codec– In case your internet connection slows down, you can also switch to low-bandwidth codecs including G.711a, GSM, G.711u, and G.729. This allows you to still make and receive calls while having internet speed problems.
  • 7, 10, and 11-digit dialing– You can simply dial numbers with 7, 10, or 11 digits to remove the need to input a dial area or a country code whenever making calls.
  • Do Not Disturb– Through this feature, all calls made to your number will be redirected to your voicemail temporarily.
  • Blacklist– You can choose specific numbers to be blocked from being able to call your number.
  • Caller ID– You can choose to see the Caller IDs of incoming callers.
  • Distinctive Ringtone– You can choose different ringtones to differentiate among multiple Axvoice numbers.
  • Call Filter – You can choose which contacts can be directed to your Axvoice line. This prevents telemarketers and robocallsfrom contacting you.
  • Simultaneous ringing– You can have up to three numbers ring your contact simultaneously.
  • Anonymous call blocking– You can prevent any anonymous numbers from being able to call you.

  • Call forwarding– The call forwarding feature of Axvoice is especially friendly for office use. This redirects any unanswered call from one phone to another. This lets you avoid having missed calls especially from customers. This also works whenever a fail-over happens in your primary answering phone because of a power outage or because of a loss of internet connection.
  • Call Logs– A list of all your outgoing, incoming, and missed calls can be seen.
  • Enhanced voicemail– You can check your current voicemails through the web interface from any device that can access a web browser.
  • Unlimited in-network calling– You can make unlimited calls to any Axvoice number for free.
  • Virtual Numbers– For a price of $3.99, you can add a number of any area code to your account.
  • Toll-free numbers – You can also create toll-free numbers with coverage within USA and Canada.

Overall we did a review of Axvoice and thought they were one of our favorite VOIP providers.