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1-VoIP – Should you sign up for this VoIP service?

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated September 6, 2020

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Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is one of the leading methods in both home and office communications. It works simply by linking different platforms for communication under a single device, may it be a computer, a tablet, a phone, or a landline device. This allows offices and homes to branch out to different people without the need to transfer to another device.

1-VoIP Review

1-VoIP is a telephony service that offers affordable and flexible deals for both residential and office users. Instead of serving to a certain niche, its development is centred on both residential and business users. This is seen through their various features that can cater to any number of customers. 

Residential Service offerings from 1-VOIP

The residential service of VoIP offers both additional gadgets along with affordable rates. This makes it a friendly service for home-based users.

They currently offer 3 plans for residential users. 

The first plan is the Value program which is priced at $8.97 per month. This includes 500 minutes of calling available only to North American numbers.

For those who will want to communicate with users throughout the US and Canada, the Unlimited plan is recommended for you. This is priced at $17.97 per month. 

Those who will be making calls all over the world may avail the World Unlimited plan which is priced at $23.97. This is especially handy for those with relatives and contacts that currently resides abroad. There are 30 countries included in this plan. There is also a separate rate for those that are not within this set. 

Residential Service Features with 1-Voip

The features included in the Residential Plan is enough to cater to the needs of a casual caller. These packages come with the free activation and hardware which you will use to connect to your device of choice. The gadgets that can be used include a digital VoIP phone or an analogue phone. An SP2102 adapter will be provided for this. 

The service also recommends the use of other BYOD hardware as long as it is within their range of possible devices. You can contact their customer service to inquire about the possible devices. 

Along with these, the residential service also gives you unlimited incoming minutes of call, a no term commitment promise, a service that blocks telemarketers and robocalls, voice mailing, internet faxing, music on hold, waiting, speed dialling, and call filtering. 

Business Service

The business-oriented plans for 1-VoIP are priced depending on the number of users who can use the service. 

The first plan is the Lite plan which is priced at $24.97 per user. This is charged monthly. This is only availed for groups with 1 up to 5 users. This is then reduced to $22.97 for groups with 6 up to 19 users. The last price is $20.97 per user for groups of 20 up to 99. If the number of users exceeds this number, a negotiation with the service will be required. As seen with the prices, their service charges less for those with more users. 

Business Service Features

The features included for the Business service is catered towards customer calling and receiving. The features included are an auto-attended, call queuing, a service that prevents telemarketers and spam callers from reaching you, call recording, and online faxing. 

For those who will be using IP PBX software, 1-VoIP offers SIP Trunking services. The uptime is guaranteed to be 99.999 as per the Service Level Agreement. Any mainstream PBX system may be used for maximum cost saving. This includes Asterisk, FreePBX, Elastix, and 3CX. 

Customer Service

1-VoIP’s customer service is available for 24/7. They can be reached via phone and through e-mail. They guarantee a fully US-based support staff. 


1-VoIP is a definite recommendation for both office and home-based owners. This is because they offer affordable prices along with helpful and innovative features. Their customer service is also informed and always available. Their SIP trunking service is also a good feature for those using custom systems.