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1-VoIP Residential Overview – Is it a good service?

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated March 20, 2020

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Nowadays, the need for using VoIP or voice-over internet providers is more necessary than ever. This is because communication is best done in a reliable and modern way. Through this type of service, you are allowed to call between two different platforms like a mobile phone and a computer without interruptions. This is a very important aspect for both small and large businesses.

1-VoIP is one of these services. They are known to have a lot of options in terms of services. They are known to be flexible with their customers, able to serve the biggest businesses down to home offices.

The Perks of Using 1-VoIP

What differentiates 1-VoIP from other services is its accommodation of both small and large businesses. It can also accommodate home offices. Their SIP Trunking service for those who have a PBX makes it easier to connect to most communication networks.

How it is used in the residential setting

1-VoIP is good for the residential setting because it has 3 different plans that can accommodate callers who need a global range for calling. You are allowed to set up your VoIP through an analog phone or a dedicated digital VoIP phone. A SP2102 adapter is also included. Activation for their service is free along with hardware for you to modify your device for their service. Most of the BYOD hardware is compatible with their service too.


Residential users are charged less with 8.97 a month. Some of the features that come with this are hardware, adapter, all features of the program, unlimited minutes, and the use of the Nomorobo software (which allows you to blacklist specific numbers), voicemail, speed dial, call filtering, music on hold, internet fax capabilities, speed dial, 500 minutes of calls for North American numbers, and many more. All of these come with a $14.95 activation fee. The plan has no term commitment allowing payment to be more flexible.

For those with additional needs like unlimited calls to both US and Canada will need to pay $17.97 per month. Those needing to call worldwide should avail the World Unlimited plan priced at #23.97 per month. This gives you unlimited minutes for up to thirty countries. Those not included will be given additional rates, though.


  1. Voicemail to email – You are allowed to send your voicemail through e-mail. This makes it easier for the recipient to receive it.
  2. Online faxing – While some companies even offer a dedicated application for virtual faxing, 1-VoIP offers this as an integrated function in their communication service
  3. Blacklisting – Because residences are more prone to receiving automated calls from telemarketers, a blacklisting function is integrated into 1-VoIP’s services. This allows you to block their numbers as some may disturb your times for official hours
  4. On-hold music – You are allowed to set-up your custom on-hold music to make waiting times for customers a little more manageable
  5. Integration to phone – 1-VoIP can be used through the computer, smartphone, or a digital softphone

Summary of 1 Voip

1-VoIP is a solid service on its own that is able to beat competitors in terms of pricing and features. Their service for home-based businesses and residential users uses cloud technology that allows you to access from multiple storage locations. The features of its plans are quite generous and lenient. You are also allowed to call local and international with unlimited minutes.

You are also not pressured about termination fees and term commitments as there are none for this service. Countless features that are usually only offered by most VoIPs to big businesses exclusively can be used even in residential plans, some of which are document and file sharing, online faxing, and integration to social media.

As seen in their payment plans and features available for each, 1-VoIP is a good service for home-based businesses. This is because most of their features are given even in the lowest tier of plans. Their 24/7 customer support is also a good function as communication can be crucial to some businesses. The quality of calling for both local and international regions is also reliable and crystal clear. Overall, 1-VoIP is a recommendable service for all types of businesses and for residential use.