1-VoIP for Business Overview

By: Matt | Last updated May 3, 2019
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The use of Voice over Internet Protocol for both small and big businesses is basically a necessity nowadays. This is because calls for business are best integrated among different platforms like phones, tablets, and computers. This allows more ease and convenience in communication. It also allows businesses and customers to communicate even if their distance may be from one place on the globe to its opposite.

One of the services for VoIP that is known for its reliable pricing and quality of calls is 1-VoIP. They are especially known for being able to cater both big businesses and home-based ones.

The Perks of Using 1-VoIP

1-VoIP is a standout service because of how it is able to accommodate small and large businesses. Its SIP Trunking service capable for those with PBX makes communication much easier among networks. Setting it up is also easy.

How it is used in the business setting

In their business plan, customers are allowed to have an auto-attendant, a digital fax service, a call record, call queues, and the Nomorobo. The latter is used to block call spams from advertisers. It also allows you to have blacklisted numbers.

The presence of IP PBX in your system allows you to access their SIP trunking services. Examples of PBX systems include Elastic and 3CX. This allows you pay less. The Service Level Agreement (SLA) for this gives a 99.99% uptime. This allows communication flow even faster.


  1. On-hold music – This is especially useful for big businesses accommodating large volumes of calls for each day. Most customers will quit their call by about the first minute if there will be nothing to remind them that their call is still on-hold. The simple use of music may change their mind.
  2. Integration to digital softphone – 1-VoiP is integrated to be used in digital softphones, smartphones, and computers
  3. Blacklisting – Specific numbers can be blacklisted in order to prevent them from calling your businesses’ number
  4. Virtual faxing – Virtual faxing is integrated among 1-VoIP’s services which is a huge cost-cutter as some services only offer a standalone faxing service with its own charge. This also makes communication faster.
  5. Voicemail to e-mail – This allows you to be able to send your voicemail through e-mail. This can make communication much faster.


1-VoIP has a reasonable pricing for each type of service. For their business plans, users are charged $24.97 for Lite, which offers the least features. It allows from 1 up to 5 users. The next plan is $22.97 for 6 to 19 users. Those with 20 to 99 uses are charged $20.97. Note that these prices are charged for each user and for each month of use. For bigger companies that will need to accommodate 99 or more people, a specific price must be negotiated first. Although the price will not be far from those of competitors, the negotiation may just allow bigger companies to spend less.

Customer service

1-VoIP is known for using customer service that is available within the US. This may make it easier for you to be able to call for support as there will be no speed intervals and the need for quality internet to be able to make a call. As customer support is a necessity for communication services that may be used by businesses for profit, this makes 1-VoIP a standout in terms of customer support.

The 24/7 availability is another factor to praise. As most complaints and questions about their services will usually be called during late hours (times when fewer customers will be calling a business), a business can instantly call whenever they are available. This makes it easier to resolve most concerns. A live answer system available for their services also makes it easier to fix common problems involved with their service. It is because it guarantees that you are always talking to an actual person, making waiting times worth the while.

Overall impressions

Overall, 1-VoIP is a standout among its competitors. The quality for their calls is reliable and crystal clear even for international ones. The scope of their calls even for the lowest priced-plans is quite generous for a VoIP service. Their customer service, available 24/7, is another factor that sets them apart from its competitors.

1-VoIP is definitely a recommendable service.

By: Matt | Last updated May 3, 2019