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1-VoIP Features – What does this VoIP provider have to offer?

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated April 16, 2021

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Features for Residential Users

These following are 1-VoIP’s features:

  1. Anonymous Call Rejection– 1-VoIP allows you to reject any anonymous numbers that will call your number. You can choose to only allow callers who provide their caller ID. This lets you avoid most telemarketers and spam callers.
  2. Blacklist– You can list out the specific numbers that will be blocked from calling you. Once they call you, they will receive an automated message that lets them know that they are blocked. Your phone will not ring at all whenever they call.
  3. Whitelist– Instead of only typing all the numbers blocked from calling you, you can instead list out only those that may call you. This is advisable if your number is often targeted by telemarketers and strangers. This is not advised for those who maintain home offices, though.
  4. Digital Call Forward– You can choose a specific voicemail in case you are incapable of answering the call.
  5. Music on Hold– Even if this feature is mostly used in the office, 1-VoIP enables you to play music to avoid having a dead air, even with the Residential plans.
  6. Virtual Fax– Instead of buying a service solely for online faxing, you can send virtual faxes through the online member interface of 1-VoIP.
  7. Fax to Email– The virtual faxes that you will receive are in the form of PDFs. You can also call or receive faxes. This feature has an additional cost of $4.95 per month for those who are subscribed to Value, Unlimited, or World Unlimited plans. All the Premium plans already have this as a feature.
  8. Call Filter – You can redirect certain calls to specific numbers in case you do not want to answer them personally. You can also send them to voicemail.
  9. Configurable Caller ID– You can customize your outgoing Caller ID to be a virtual number.
  10. Call Waiting, Speed Dial, and 3-Way Calling
  11. Do not disturb– This lets you send all calls straight to your voicemail.
  12. DNIS– This lets you inform the incoming caller which phone number you would like to be contacted on, in case you have multiple ones.
  13. Out-of-Plan Calling– You can restrict your phone from accidentally calling a number outside the coverage of your current plan. This lets you avoid having additional charges.
  14. Wake Up Call– You can use your phone as an alarm by scheduling a phone call.
  15. Call Activity– A record of your incoming and outgoing calls along with the date are kept for you to review.
  16. Voicemail– You can check your voicemail through your phone, from the Online Member Center, from the Voicemail to E-mail feature, and through a remote access number.
  17. Nomorobo – This is an automated call filter that prevents telemarketers and robocallsfrom calling your number.

Overall when we did our review of 1 Voip for residential use we found that they wree one of the best options around. Read our full review of their product before you buy anything.