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1-VoIP features and benefits

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated September 6, 2020

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1-VoIP is renowned for its reliable services that fit both personal and corporate needs. Its customer support, flexible payment, and user-friendly interface make it a standout product. Lastly, its features make it one of the best on the market.

Features of 1-Voip

  1. 911 integration – You can set up your VoIP system to be easily linked to call 911 to make it easier to respond to emergency situations. You can also put your location to make easier to be responded to.
  2. Alternate Caller ID Number – You can choose to use either your virtual number or your primary number when making calls.
  3. Anonymous Call Rejection - Any calls that have their names or number blocks will not be answered by the system. They will also be sent an automated message to inform them of this.
  4. Blacklist – Up to 40 specific numbers can be blocked. They will be sent an automated message to inform them of this.
  5. Call Filter – You can choose to redirect specific calls to your number to another for when you are unavailable. This is customizable through their application.
  6. Call Forwarding – This redirects calls regardless of the number calling. It can be sent to any number within Canada and the United States.
  7. Call Waiting – This is a pre-programmed feature that makes the person you are currently talking to hear a signal that specifies that a second line is calling you. By pressing the flash button, you can start talking to the second person.
  8. Caller ID and Caller ID blocking – This allows you to see the details of the person you are talking to. You may choose to hide yours. However, this may ban your calls on their end if their service does not accept anonymous calls.
  9. Do Not Disturb – You may send all calls directly to your voicemail without pressing any button and without your phone ringing.
  10. DNIS – The Dialed Number Identification System shows you the specific number they used to call you. This is especially useful for businesses with multiple numbers.
  11. Find Me Follow Me – You can set up to 3 numbers to be called in case one of them wasn’t able to be picked as long as they are within the United States and Canada.
  12. International Call Blocking – If you have no transactions with international countries, you can choose to block calls from them. You should call 1-VoIP first to activate this service.
  13. Music on Hold – To prevent callers to be bored, you can choose to play music while they are on hold.
  14. Voicemail – Any unanswered caller may leave a voicemail. This can then be sent to your e-mail, phone, or online. You can also receive notifications if you received one.
  15. White List – This narrows down the numbers that can call you to your specified list. Any other numbers will be blocked.
  16. Three-way calling – This connects up to three parties for calling.
  17. Nomorobo – This is a unique technology for the service that lessens spam callers to reach your number.