What plans does autopom! offer?

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Autopom! stands for Automotive Peace of Mind and it is one of the best extended car warranty companies you can opt for if you own a used vehicle. It offers nationwide and international coverage and has a very comprehensive list of plans to choose from.

Autopom! has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and offers coverage for cars that are up to 15 years old and have up to 200,000 miles. With 20 plans to choose from, autopom! is definitely a tough competitor to beat.

The plans offered by autopom! offer all the benefits included with extended car warranties and you also get additional benefits such as roadside assistance, towing, rental vehicle assistance. You can also take your vehicle to any licensed repair shop in the country. You can contact customer support via email, phone and live chat.

What plans does autopom! offer? 

There are 4 vehicle protection plan levels included with autopom! and all of them come with their own plans. The 4 levels are: Exclusionary, High-Level, Mid-Level and Powertrain-Plus. Some of these plans are only available in some states and others are available nationwide. Those that have MBI in their title (Mechanical Breakdown Insurance) are only available in select states.

Exclusionary plans - are the most comprehensive type of protection you can get and can extend coverage to all the mechanical and electrical components in  your car. The plans included in this level resemble the most with manufacturer’s warranty.

The plans included in this level are: Royal Elite Plus MBI, Mercury Platinum MBI (only available in CA), UCC Paramount, Royal Ultimate, Mercury Ultimate, EFG Ultimate (available most states nationwide).

The maximum term for all these plans is 8 years for UCC Paramount, 6 in the case of Royal Elite Plus MBI and 7 years for the rest of the plans. They also cover cars with up to 150,000 miles for EFG Ultimate and around 100,000 miles for the rest.

High-level plans - the plans in this level cover a lot of components related to transmission, engine, transfer case, drive axle, steering, electrical, air conditioning, braking, cooling, seals and gaskets and fuel system.

Available plans: Royal Premium MBI, Mercury Gold MBI, UCC Comprehensive, Royal Premium, Mercury Deluxe.

The maximum period of coverage is 7 years or 6 years for the Royal Premium MBI. Number of miles: 100,000 and 105,000 miles for the Mercury Deluxe.

Mid-level - this level covers all the components included in the Powertrain Plus plans (will describe them below) plus components related to steering, braking, fuel delivery, suspension, cooling.

Available plans: EFG Deluxe, Royal Preferred, Royal Standard MBI, Mercury Silver MBI. The maximum term is 7 years for Mercury Silver MBI and Royal Preferred, 6 years for Royal Standard MBI and 5 years for EFG Deluxe. The max. number of miles is 100,000 and 125,000 miles for EFG Deluxe.

Powertrain Plus level - it comes with coverage for the essential major systems: transmission, engine, transfer case, drive axle, differential assembly. You can also cover extra components related to air conditioning, the electrical system and the fuel systems.

Available plans: Mercury Copper MBI, Mercury Select, UCC Powertrain Plus, EFG Powertrain Choice, Royal Centennial.

The maximum term is 6 years for UCC Powertrain Plus and only 3 years for Mercury Select and Mercury Copper MBI. As for the number of miles: 100,000 for Royal Centennial and EFG Powertrain Choice and only 36,000 for Mercury Select and Mercury Copper MBI. For UCC Powertrain Plus: 75,000 additional miles.

We have found that AutoPOM! is our number one choices after spending countless hours reviewing all the different providers for extended car warranty. Not only are their offers great but their customer service is unsurpassed. 

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